Watch Alex's graduate story

BSc (Hons) Management and Strategy graduate, Alex Sloane, shares his experience at Aston University

Aston University graduate moves to Australia to continue his career

I chose Aston University back in 2006 because it had one of the best business schools in the country. The course was varied, giving you the opportunity to learn about psychology, law, operations and marketing. Learning about different areas of the business helps you to understand the business as a whole.

My course was four years long, with a placement year. I was lucky enough to have my placement at Microsoft and got to work with all the big Microsoft brands including Windows and Office but mainly Xbox. My career really started at Aston University.







What did you do after graduating?

I stayed in the gaming industry and worked at Sega specifically on virtual tennis, as an assistant brand manager. I then became a football manager for several years, focusing mainly on the brand advertising side, however, over the last few years, I’ve switched to more digital.

I decided to move to Melbourne, Australia and got a role as a CRM manager for a company there. The job is more data-driven and it is relatively easy to get clear results that show exactly what you’ve contributed to the business which is pretty cool.


How has Aston University benefitted you? 

There are plenty of elements of the degree which have helped me in the working world. Compared to other management strategy courses around the country, the course I studied was head and shoulders above the rest. Being in the city was a big motivator as well.

There’s a big student vibe in Birmingham - really young and multicultural. You come away with so many good memories and so many friends for life. Not only did I make best friends for life, but I also met my wife there.




Alex commented: 

I have got opportunities I probably wouldn’t have had if I didn’t have the name of Aston behind me or a degree so I definitely encourage people to consider Aston University.

Go down to the open day and explore the city - that’s what I did and it became pretty clear it was the place for me.