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Alex Gostling, who graduated from Aston Business School, shares his graduate story

Aston University graduate works for the number one skincare company

I currently work as a business manager at Beiersdorf. What I really enjoy about the role is that I get to work within the dynamic sector of FMCG with some of our leading retailers in the UK, Malta and Ireland so I get to be on the front line of the retail environment in the UK.

My degree from Aston Business School has really helped prepare me for my career at Beiersdorf because it’s provided me with a business understanding of marketing, sales and supply chain and how best to optimise our business and lead it forward.








Where did you complete your placement year?

For my placement year, I worked in London for IBM working for their promotional management team. The experience was very important for me to gain skills in analytics and understand how big organisations work and how you can make an impact. Most of all it gave me that hands-on business experience that I wouldn’t have gained if I had just studied.

Doing the course and gaining work experience at the same time went hand in hand to learn new skills and best prepare me for my career.

What is the Aston University campus like?

Life on campus was really fun. Not only do you make friends for life but it’s also a really diverse university so you get to meet people from all different backgrounds. With the university being right in the city centre you’re not far away from entertainment and can enjoy the city.








Advice for future students

My advice to anyone thinking about joining Aston Business School is to start with what career you’ve got in mind when you leave university and then work backwards from there. Once you’ve taken that into consideration, I’m sure that you’ll find that Aston Business School is the right place for you.

Alex commented: 

Aston Business School provides you with the highest quality of education and modules to best prepare you for any career in the future.