Ziqi Liu, chose to study both her undergraduate and postgraduate degree at Aston University. Ziqi studied BSc Accounting for Management and then progressed to MSc Investment Analysis. Read about her experience below.

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Why did you choose Aston University?

I chose Aston University because I had a great experience during my bachelors degree over the last 4 years. I also chose Aston University because I felt like Aston University is home to me. The teachers and students are so nice and passionate about your future.

What did you enjoy about your undergraduate course?

The most enjoyable part of my undergraduate course was the financial analysis and audit modules. The financial analysis element helped me a lot, especially when I went on to study my masters, and with regards to the audit module, it helped me to understand how to analyse a company’s financial situation.

Why did you choose to stay and do your masters with Aston University?

I chose to stay in Birmingham and do my masters online because I have been here for 5 years. I am familiar with the area including the restaurants and shopping mall. Everything is so convenient and easy to find. 


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What is special about Aston University?

I was always interested in a career in investment banking and finance, especially after joining the Bright Network investment banking internship in June 2020. Because of this placement opportunity, I am able to understand the structure of investment banks better. I then became keen to study further and gain more finance and investment knowledge after the internship. After a sincere consideration of universities, I attended the Aston University postgraduate open day. It was there I then made my decision to study MSc investment Analysis. The teaching quality is really high and the professors are always willing to help.

Are you a member of any clubs/societies?

I am a member of Enactus Aston as the Project Manager of the Food for Thought.

What did you like about living in Birmingham?

Food is the most enjoyable part for me. There are lots of delicious foods in the Chinese Quarter and I can buy any Chinese snake I want. Also, it is not really necessary for students to travel by public transport and the living costs in Birmingham is not too expensive like in London. 


What are your career ambitions for the future?

After I finish my studies, I would love to find a job in the finance industry or at Aston University. Hopefully, I will be able to develop my career in the United Kingdom. 

What advice would you give to a current Aston undergraduate student thinking about studying for a masters with Aston University?

I would suggest current students compare the content of the masters course they are interested in with other universities before they applied. For those who are interested in applying for finance or investment subjects, I would advise them to consider Aston University instead of other universities because the courses at the University offer more practical challenges. Especially, the Aston Global Advantage programme, which can help students develop their professional working and interview skills. 


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