MSc Global Operations and Service Management graduate, Zair Mahmood reflects on his time at Aston University. 

Why did you choose Aston University to study MSc Global Operations and Service Management?

Aston University, with its remarkable reputation, and world-class teaching, offers a course with both service management and global operations elements that are not available by the majority of institutions. After learning the status of the Aston Business School of being a triple-accredited organisation spurred me to opt for Aston University compared to other comparable universities. With an ardent interest in service management over the past five years after completing a bachelors degree at Sheffield Hallam University and an IT Service Delivery analyst placement at FedEx. Aston University offered a way to allow me to develop my knowledge, soft and technical skills in specific areas of service management where I wanted to forego and achieve a PhD in the future.

What did you enjoy about your course?

The course was enjoyable throughout, making valuable friendships with fellow students and phenomenal support from lecturers during a time of turbulence of completing a masters online with no face-to-face interaction. However, the lecturers went above and beyond in providing exceptional content and support. That has allowed me to achieve a distinction, with a strong ability in completing a PhD in the following year.


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What is special about Aston University?

The support from the supervisors guided me to learn and accelerate my learning capabilities by completing a 20,000-word dissertation on consumer behaviour and attitudes towards the circular economy. Furthermore, the overall friendliness of peers and members throughout the Aston Business School aided me to achieve above and beyond my expectations by receiving the best overall achievement within my course.

What did you like about living in Birmingham?

I have been raised in Birmingham, living in the city for most of my life becoming a city I love due to the diverse culture and overall togetherness.



What are your plans now you have graduated from Aston University?

My career ambitions are to study forwards in completing a PhD at Aston University, with the long-term goal of opening a sustainable consultancy firm.

What advice would you give to someone interested in studying MSc Global Operations and Service Management at Aston University?

Go for it! It’s been the best decision I’ve made throughout my academic career.

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