Bridging the gap - how a business Masters degree from Aston University helped Piyushi move from Computer Science to Technology Consultant.

With a background in Computer Science, Piyushi chose to complete an MSc Business and Management at Aston University in order to refine her skills.

Piyushi now works as a Technology Consultant for Retail Reply, who help clients respond to digital transformation through customer centric solutions.


Why did you choose to study at Aston University?

Aston Business School stood as an obvious choice for me because of its triple accreditation - vouching for its excellence.

The module structure of the MSc Business and Management gave a holistic view of business knowledge, along with resources to help develop my expertise in depth.

Aston University being ranked among the top universities in the UK was also impressive, and its location in the city centre of Birmingham was convenient.

During the admissions process, all my queries were actively resolved and I always felt heard. Even after I started at Aston, I always found the staff very supportive and they helped me find ways to achieve my goals. 


How did your experience at Aston University prepare you for your current role?

I come from a Computer Science background and wanted to work as a Technology Consultant. Studying MSc Business and Management at Aston University enabled me to develop my research skills and creative ways of thinking.

Having group assignments with classmates from diverse backgrounds was representative of an actual workplace. It taught me to take different perspectives into account to solve a given problem. These skills are a core foundation in the field of consulting and I use them in my day-to-day work now.


Were you a member of any clubs or societies?

Yes, I was a part of Enactus Aston. Being a part of Enactus, I supported our team to host events with local residents and our key advisors at Enactus. Working with Enactus made me conscious of the wonderful community in Birmingham. I also had the chance to make friends with people outside of my course. The role was quite flexible, hence, easy to manage when we had approaching deadlines.