Monique Farquharson - Graduate Stories

Monique discusses her journey from studying the MBA at Aston University to becoming a consultant and launching her own business, and how the MBA helped her get there.

Full-time MBA graduate and AMBA Student of the Year 2022, Monique Farquharson discusses her time studying at Aston University. 

Why did you choose Aston University?

I chose Aston University for a number of reasons:
1. It was in the city of Birmingham which boasts a diverse population 
2. The University has a heavy focus on entrepreneurship and as such was ideal for me as an entrepreneur
3. When I decided to pursue an MBA I noticed a great balance between theory and practical. This was important because having real world examples and seeing how this impacts real businesses is invaluable.

What has been the highlight of your course?

One of the major highlights of my course was the Business Challenge. We had to work with a small company to look over their operations and make recommendations on how they can improve their business processes and what impact this would have on their bottom line. 

Outside of the course, I would definitely say my TEDx experience was my favourite and most impactful highlight.




What would you say to a student currently considering Aston University as their place of study?

Aston is a fantastic university with many opportunities at your fingertips. It is the top pick for budding entrepreneurs and individuals who prefer traditional ways of working. Aston University boasts many clubs and societies like TEDx which will help you expand your network and may provide you with huge opportunities. You will, however, need to be proactive and take initiative in grabbing these opportunities. 

As it relates to the actual schooling, I can attest to the fact that the lecturers are very inviting and are there to answer your questions. If you pursue an MBA for example, you will not only get theoretical information but also practical business experience which is crucial in my opinion.

Aston is filled with a lot of gems, however, like anything else in life, you need to ensure you balance your time so you can extract the most value from all these opportunities. 

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