MSc Global Operations and Service Management graduate, Monifa Riley discusses her time whilst studying at Aston University. 


Why did you choose to study at Aston University?

I chose Aston University for a variety of reasons however the main reasons were due to the course offered, the location and it standing within the rankings both with teaching and students. The offer for the Aston Global Advantage was another key reason as the options sounded very interesting to me.

Why did you choose to study MSc Global Operations and Service Management?

I thought that the course encompassed my career goals, it provided a course that would provide me with the knowledge for a well-rounded Global Operations Manager.

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed the most?

The interaction and proximity to the lecturers. I think that the interaction was very close and therefore it ensured that I understood what was required from myself and the information received was bountiful.

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Campus exterior

What are your future plans and how will your MSc Global Operations and Service Management help you achieve them?

My future plans are to get a job as an Operations Manager and I believe that this course has helped me gain the relevant knowledge to back the experience I already have and the subject which I have covered during the course is very relevant for a career as an Operations Manager now. 

What advice would you give to current students at Aston?

Make the most of your time here, make connections and ensure you get the most out of the course. Remember you only get out what you put in.