BSc (Hons) International Business and Economics and MSc Investment Analysis graduate Millan Chauhan has been working for the last two years as an Investment Analyst for YOU Asset Management, a £1.4 billion discretionary fund manager where he looks after the company’s US Equity and European Equity exposures. Find out why Milan chose to start his career at Aston University.

Why did you choose Aston University?

Aston University’s integrated placement year was one of the driving factors with the opportunity to have 1-years of experience in the bank before applying to graduate jobs being a huge bonus. Its location in the heart of Birmingham, a city which is undergoing dramatic investment/renovation was also a contributing factor.

Finally, the reputation of the Aston Business School along with its outstanding success for graduate employment was a major driver in selecting Aston University for my place of study.

What did you enjoy about your undergraduate course?

Having studied International Business and Economics, I was more drawn to the economics side of the course since it built upon my A-Level studies and I felt I could perform much stronger in quantitative-tilted modules such as Econometrics, Quantitative Methods and Microeconomics.

I completed my integrated placement year in Audit at Mazars where I learned a great deal and was a very rewarding chapter of my university life. Having a years’ experience already in the financial services was a contributing factor in getting my current role as an Investment Analyst and has become a highly sought after pre-requisite in today’s job market.

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Why did you choose to stay and do your masters with Aston University?

Having become comfortable with the university campus, the library and culture at Aston University from my undergraduate degree, I knew the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate would be much easier, meaning I could perform much stronger academically.

And so, I achieved distinction in MSc Investment Analysis and am very grateful looking back that I chose the masters degree I did.

Postgraduate study at the prestigious Aston Business School is highly valued in the UK and having identified the career path I wish to pursue, the MSc in Investment Analysis ticked all the boxes.

The course is accredited by the CFA which meant that I would cover 75% of the content before completing my CFA level exam.


What is special about Aston University?

Aston University is a place that anyone can thrive but the people and university resources made my time at the University very enjoyable. The library was an excellent premise to study both on an individual level and on group study basis. I was more of an evening worker particularly during my masters year and the ability to work during the early hours of the morning was very helpful.

Were you a member of any clubs/societies?

The Aston University Hockey Club was where I really thrived. On a social and a sporting level, I really enjoyed my time at the club where most of my friends now derive from the Hockey Club. Wednesday afternoons was when we would play hockey against rival universities in the BUCS League and Wednesday evenings was our opportunity to socialise with the rest of the club and other sports clubs too. My last two years of university I was elected as Secretary of the hockey club where I managed the club’s sponsorship deals. All in all, I generated just over £14k for the club which included club kit sponsorships with corporate entities and exclusive club merchandise which was a monumental success. Without the Aston University Hockey Club, my time at the University wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

Combining my masters degree with a successful year as Secretary resulted in the award as Postgraduate Student of the Year which was awarded by the Aston Students’ Union.



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What did you like about living in Birmingham?

Birmingham has certainly change since I first moved there in 2014, the city has undergone significant investment with many more recreational activities on the scene.

The numerous accommodation blocks that have been built alongside the great nightlife scene was definitely a major plus for living in Birmingham.

What are your career ambitions for the future?

For the last two years, I have been working as an Investment Analyst for YOU Asset Management, a £1.4 billion discretionary fund manager where I look after our US Equity and European Equity exposures.

I completed my Investment Management Certificate last August and I will be sitting my CFA Level 1 exam in the new year.

I hope to gain CFA status and work towards becoming a Fund Manager going forwards.


What advice would you give to a current Aston undergraduate student thinking about studying for a masters with Aston University?

Experience and academic study go hand in hand and Aston University offers a platform to excel at both.

My masters degree in Investment Analysis gave me an in-depth understanding of how the financial markets operate, how companies are valued and should hopefully underpin my CFA exam study.

The content is extremely focused and geared towards a career in Investment and enabled me to move follow my desired career path.

The degree requires a lot of work, self-discipline and a significant level of independent study but the knowledge and understanding that one develops is extremely valuable.


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