From Glasgow to Toronto

After completing his MBA at Aston University with Distinction, Jean-Louis secured his dream job with Total Opening Consultants as Director of Business Development and Consulting. 

Prior to joining Aston Business School’s MBA programme, Jean-Louis had previously worked at Allgood plc, a manufacturer and supplier of architectural ironmongery as an Architectural Specification Consultant. 

He started his career in the door hardware industry in 2013 where he began as an apprentice at a manufacturing facility in Aston. His ambitions led him to an external sales role and a move to Glasgow, Scotland, where he grew into the industry, gaining technical knowledge and sales expertise.




Jean-Louis 2

His MBA Journey

After being made redundant in July of 2020, Jean-Louis decided to study for an MBA at Aston University. He described the course as very ‘immersive’ and enjoyed taking part in business challenges with fellow Aston University MBA students, as well as having an interesting and engaging final project.

Jean-Louis had already gained many technical skills, some of which he acquired through studying for a Diploma in Architectural Ironmongery from 2014 to 2017. Studying for his masters meant that he was able to develop those initial skills and his wider business knowledge.

For his final MBA project, he was employed by Total Opening Consultants as an intern before being employed as Director in October 2021. 


Total Opening Consultants

Total Opening Consultants is a Toronto-based company that specialises in providing their clients with door and hardware consulting services. The company aims to provide ‘professional, unbiased door and hardware consulting at every stage of your project’s life cycle’.

As the Director of Total Opening Consultants, Jean-Louis stated that each day presents different tasks and challenges. He said that “I keep myself focused by referring constantly to my business plan and the goals I have to set out to achieve.”

Eventually, he hopes to move to Toronto and continue in helping the company to expand.


Total Opening Consultants





Advice for future and current students

I would definitely advise any students thinking of doing a masters course to seek out opportunities during the course and work hard to make the most out of their experience at university and their course. Networking is another aspect which students should focus on during their degree and taking advantage of working with external companies and Aston’s great connections to industry.”

In addition, Jean-Louis also mentioned the significance of the mentorship program and being supported by experienced business leaders who “want to see you do well.” 

He also stressed the importance of immersing yourself into the course by being prepared and reading ahead of lectures.

Finally, he discussed the benefits of starting to plan for your final project early, whether it may be making connections prior to starting the course, or during your first few months.