Why did you choose Aston University?

I knew that after completing the MSc Entrepreneurship my intentions were to start my own business so it was important that I picked a university that had very strong links to the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem and business community. I knew that Aston had this relationship which made it an obvious choice for me. 


Daniel Evans





A supportive and enriching experience

I had an extremely supportive set of lectures and enjoyed the content we covered within the programme modules, helping to build my knowledge further. However, the thing I enjoyed most was the people I met on the programme. I was with a class of like-minded individuals from across the world. Working with these other students in various projects enriched the whole experience vastly. 

As well as the new connections I made at Aston which is always important for any career path, my course helped me to further develop my professional skills and business knowledge which I use on a daily basis within the business. Had I not completed the course before doing this I think it would have taken me much longer to become competent in this role. 

I was very active during my time at Aston! I was regularly involved with the activities run by Aston Enterprise and the BSEEN programme which provided me with more opportunities to develop as an entrepreneur. I was also part of the TEDx Aston Uni team for the year, ran several times a week with the Aston Gazelles Running Club and was a member of Aston Uni Music Society - playing drums & percussion in both the Orchestra and Big Band. 


Birmingham is a city full of opportunities

I am a Birmingham native - I grew up in/around Birmingham. I think that it is a city full of opportunities, culture and heritage. It has several large theatres, world class music venues, event facilities that attract world renowned events and a rapidly developing entrepreneurial ecosystem & tech scene. There is something to do every night - whether it is catching a West End show on tour, hanging out at places like Digbeth Dining Club, watch Premier League football over at Villa Park or going to develop your professional network through one of the many business events being run in the city - it is all happening in Birmingham. 






Business enterprise community

Birmingham Enterprise Community 

I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of Birmingham Enterprise Community which was the company I set up during my masters with two business partners - one of whom is also an Aston Graduate (Omran Al Habbal). 

Birmingham Enterprise Community is a social enterprise which empowers emerging entrepreneurs and startups by helping them to build skills and access the resources and opportunities they need to start and grow businesses. We work with individuals and businesses from all sectors from across the world. 

I love the people that I get to meet as part of this work. I get to meet people with all sorts of ideas for things they want to do or people who have built really interesting businesses that they are looking to grow further. One day we are working with a company creating food based products from insects and the next we are with one building rockets to launch into space. Being a social enterprise as well we have a strong commitment to the social impact we are creating which is also deeply rewarding and gets me up every day. To see our entrepreneurs grow and develop is extremely rewarding. 

Highly commended in the Young Director of the Year Awards at the Institute of Directors Midlands Awards.

I received a Highly Commended award at the Institute of Directors Midlands Awards for Young Director of the Year. This was on the back of being named in the Social Entrepreneurs Index 2020, a list of the top Social Entrepreneurs in the UK. Both of these accolades mean a great deal to me and are validation of all the work that me and the rest of the team have put into growing Birmingham Enterprise Community and helping as many entrepreneurs as we can. We hope to use this success to inspire others and to further our work to create more impact. 


What advice would you give to current Aston students?

Take advantage of every opportunity that you are able to access during your time at Aston. It is not enough to simply attend lectures & complete assignments. Those who commit fully are rewarded. There are a wide range of activities you can get involved with so become an active member of the university’s community. 

How would you sum up your time at Aston? 

Happy, transformative & rewarding. I look back fondly on my time at Aston as I know I used my time there well to further my personal development. The work I put in at Aston is now paying off as demonstrated with the awards I have won within 12 months of graduating and the growth of Birmingham Enterprise Community which was accelerated by the things I learnt at Aston and the support I received from various members of staff and my peers.