Aston Law graduates start up their own business

Aston University LLB Law graduates, Amir Yasin and Amarjit Tark, created the online legal and tech start-up ‘Law Miracle’ together. The platform publishes high performance content surrounding the latest commercial and legal trends in the market. They discuss the latest corporate deals, exciting global projects and current human rights issues, while relating them back to the impact on the legal field. Amongst the various series their ‘Back to the Future’ segment discusses events that are currently taking place, and how they will impact the world moving forward.

The business was created following a phone call made by Amarjit to Amir. They decided to meet up and start talking about the type of platform they wanted to create. Amir reflects on the journey so far and the most important lesson learnt being ‘to just do it. You won’t know what you are doing at the start, but it will come to you.” Amarjit, never thought about becoming a businessman, however he said: “I always wanted something out there that had my name on it”.

Law Miracle stands out from other news outlets such as the Financial Times and the Economist, as first of all the content is free, and secondly, they remove all of the sophisticated jargon, so the content is accessible to the ‘everyman’. Law Miracle’s articles are therefore not only for students, but for anybody who aspires to learn and understand more about the world and current affairs. They have been successful so far in reaching and educating a wide audience, as their articles are suited for amateur investors, those looking for new roles or industry leaders tracking the latest changes. As Amarjit recalled from an interaction with a reader: “I had an older gentleman reach out to me, he was the father of one of our readers. He never went to university or college himself, but he read a Law Miracle article and understood the content. That was a very proud moment.”



Amir and Amarjit



The law miracle banner

The Team

In the beginning stages of Law Miracle, Amarjit and Amir alongside a couple of other writers were the ones creating the articles. Once they started promoting via their social media accounts, they got a lot of interest from other people who wanted to contribute to the platform. They then advertised a post on recruitment websites, and received over 300 applications. Currently, the company boasts a team of 35 people, including writers from all over the world. Amir said: “we let our writers decide what they are interested about writing. Some have had opportunities to create their own series too. They have developed a lot since writing for Law Miracle, and gotten the exposure they deserve.” 

The team are also recruiting for placement students who will be expected to participate across all areas of the business, facilitating growth for the individual. 


BSEEN, Santander and other awards 

In terms of support for the business, Amir and Amarjit applied to become a BSEEN business - which is an award-winning programme for start-ups led by Aston University. BSEEN supports aspiring student and graduate entrepreneurs in Birmingham to start their ideas. It is a 12-month programme supporting businesses from idea to launch and beyond, by providing a comprehensive package of support including a training bootcamp, grants, mentoring and networking opportunities. This was followed by the Santander Entrepreneurship award for outstanding commitment to their field. 

Amir said: “Our mentors at Aston University, John Bennet and Howard Duffy have been exceedingly helpful. We regularly have meetings with them where they provide constructive criticism and give us tips of how we can progress. We come into meetings with several ideas and leave with just one or two that will actually work.”

Law Miracle has published over 200 articles so far, reaching over 100 countries. Their business also recently won the award of ‘Most Engaging Commercial Awareness News Platform 2021’ in the SME Legal Awards and an award for consumer services in making commercial news accessible for readers in the 13th annual Globee awards. 

Amir and Amarjit both want to continue growing Law Miracle. In the future they hope to work closer with universities to directly help students.  






Aston Business School

Why Aston University? 

Both Amir and Amarjit studied Law at Aston University. When asked why they chose to study here, Amarjit said: “Aston University is deeply integrated in the business sector which differentiates its law programme from others. They relate what is happening in the business sector to how law applies to business needs which is really appreciated.” 

Amir said: “Aston University gave us a solid commercial understanding which has been really beneficial for us. The careers service is effective, and I liked the close-knit feel of the University.”



To any future students, Amir stresses the importance of planning ahead. He advises students to:

create a timetable of your deadlines so you can see your whole year in front of you and remember what you are working towards, while also regularly reflecting on your objectives.”

For students and graduates wanting to start their own business, both Amir and Amarjit advise you to be passionate about what you want to set up and have resilience. A lot of people may disregard your goals, but you must remain unperturbed in order to succeed. 



Advice to future students