Jakub Lawrenz, BSc Finance student is always looking to enrich his education. As part of the BSc Finance course, Aston University offers the opportunity to undertake an Exchange Partnership Second Degree Pathway at Kozminski University in Warsaw. The programme takes place during the placement year and gives students the chance to graduate with two undergraduate degrees for the price of one.

I strive to achieve as much as possible and that is why I chose to undertake the Double Degree opportunity (now called Exchange Partnership Second Degree Pathway). This opportunity seemed to be a natural progression in my foregoing studies and a great complement to it” commented Jakub.

Why would you recommend studying two degrees?

Enrolling on to this programme seemed to be a natural choice for me. For anyone who is interested in financial economics, derivatives and corporate finance I would recommend this programme. Compared to my home university this programme offered a different approach such as the course tutors delivering the course in a very practical way with academic rigour being maintained. I feel this programme would be well suited towards working in the industry as well as academic careers. 

What did you enjoy the most about the experience?

Whilst studying at Kozminski University I was able to explore in depth, the areas of interest to me. The course leaders were also highly knowledgeable about the topics I was most interested in. I had the opportunity to learn about the relevant modern finance literature and prominent scholars in the field. I also thought the course was very well structured and the lecturers were always happy to help with any issues. 

What were the best opportunities?

I had the chance to discuss some fascinating topics with the lecturers both on campus and remotely. The programme also allowed me to be affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment which I feel is a great complement to my CV. 

Do you have any advice for other students interested in studying for two degrees?

My advice would be do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity. Internships can be done during summertime – this is the time to fully exploit academic training and broaden your horizons.