What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg trading software is internationally renowned and used by the world's most influential decision makers, providing coverage of markets and securities as well as offering trading solutions. At Aston Business School students have access to Bloomberg trading terminals, giving students a taste of working on a real-trading floor, working with real-time data.

Bloomberg at Aston

Today's economy is rapidly changing and for students looking to get a competitive edge it is vital that they can demonstrate their ability to analyse real time data. Here at Aston we believe the best way to prepare students for the real world is to immerse students through practical examples.

Having access to Bloomberg trading terminals provides students with a simulation of what it is like to work in the financial industry and gain experience of a real life trading floor environment. This immersive experience exposes students to markets using real time data, including industry-leading data, research, news and analytics. For students, it gives them the opportunity to connect theory and practice, and experience what it is like to be on a real trading floor.

At Aston we continue to invest in facilities to enhance-student experience and employability.


The Bloomberg terminal is an excellent career building tool. This dynamic real-time system allows you to view job listings, as well as network with alumni and other industry professionals.

You can also gain a deeper understanding of financial markets and access the latest finance and current affairs articles.

There is also an opportunity to gain a Bloomberg Certification (BMC).