Why Aston University?

Although I received admission from various competitive universities across the United Kingdom, I evaluated my criteria and ultimately selected Aston University as my preferred choice.

This decision was primarily influenced by its central location within the vibrant city of Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK. It offers excellent connectivity between major cities with a prospect of abundant job opportunities, particularly as Birmingham has emerged as a favored location for businesses, following London.

Aston University's distinction in being awarded Triple Gold for Teaching Excellence Framework further instills confidence in the quality of education it provides, assuring a promising and successful future for its students."


Sri Ramya Vidali MSc Business Analytics graduate



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Why Business Analytics at Aston University?

The rationale behind my selection of the Business Analytics course stems from its curriculum, which perfectly aligns with my requirements for a comprehensive coverage of descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.

Recognising the high demand for expertise in this field within the current IT landscape, coupled with my prior work experience in data analytics, pursuing this course serves as a crucial upskilling opportunity to enhance my global career prospects.

The inclusion of the Aston Global Advantage module where one can gain real-time experience, played a pivotal role in solidifying my decision to choose Aston University for my academic pursuits."


What did you enjoy most about your course?

The aspect of diversity captivated me, where individuals from various backgrounds shared similar enthusiasm for delving into the realm of data. The meaningful interactions with such a diverse cohort were invaluable.

Equally noteworthy were my lecturers, who consistently provided unwavering support.

The course materials (audio & video) presented on Blackboard proved to be an invaluable repository of knowledge, contributing significantly to the depth of our understanding.

The assignments and tests kept us on our toes maintained an interesting environment which was challenging yet ultimately satisfying."

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Sri Ramya Vidali MSc Business Analytics graduate

Tell us about your work placement

I was fortunate to secure a full-time contract position as a Business Intelligence Consultant with Tivian Ltd., a London-based organisation - a role that I could leverage as part of my AGA Stream 2 Work Placement option. Undoubtedly, this opportunity served as a pivotal launchpad for my career in the UK.

My principal responsibility involved contributing to the successful delivery of local and global dashboards for esteemed organisations. This role necessitated proficiency in various technologies, including Tableau, Alteryx, Python, HTML and CSS, alongside other project management skills.

The experience gained in the UK has significantly broadened my global perspective, instilling in me the confidence to pursue substantial opportunities and shape my professional trajectory.

I express my sincere gratitude to Aston University for this module, as it has not only provided financial support but has also been instrumental in enhancing my professional growth."

What would you say to someone thinking of studying MSc Business Analytics at Aston University?

If you possess an inherent curiosity about the intricacies of the data world and aspire to navigate data through diverse methodologies and perspectives, especially seeking a synthesis of both data science and business analyst skill sets, the Business Analytics course is tailored to meet your requirements.

This comprehensive programme encompasses a spectrum of skills, ranging from data analysis on platforms such as Excel, data mining, Python and R programming, handling big data challenges, understanding best practices in data visualisation, and proficiently utilising tools like SPSS, Tableau, or PowerBI.

The curriculum also delves into statistical methods, data envelopment analysis, and cultivates presentation and consulting skills. As such, this course serves as a highly valuable addition to your aspirations for career advancement."



Sri Ramya Vidali MSc Business Analytics graduate