Choosing Aston University

Seema Pagarkar's decision to study MSc Business Analytics at Aston University was driven by a meticulous selection process. She emphasised: "I’ve always been peculiar in my choices, and I seldom make compromises when it comes to my education."

Drawn to Aston Business School's triple accreditation (AACBS, AMBA, EQUIS) and the Aston Global Advantage module offering practical work placements, Seema found the programme aligned with her deep interest in data analytics. She noted the course's relevance for those passionate about "quantitative analysis, data exploration, modelling, AI and machine learning."

The central location of Aston University in Birmingham and its strong entrepreneurial connections further solidified her choice, perfectly aligning with her career aspirations and interests in the analytical domain.


Seema Pagarkar MSc Business Analytics graduate



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Practical and applied learning

Seema highly valued the practical learning approach at Aston University, remarking, "It was extremely impressive that we were able to apply our learning to our coursework submissions." This hands-on experience with data analysis and machine learning significantly boosted her confidence.

Group assignments fostered collaboration and skill development in management and leadership. Seema also appreciated the accessible faculty, which enhanced her learning experience. The course's practicality and supportive environment were key to her enjoyment and success.


Transformative placement experience

Seema's journey at Aston University led her to a remarkable placement with Sense, a charity for individuals with complex disabilities. Guided by Aston University's Careers and Placements team, she navigated various job interviews, including one with Sense that marked the beginning of an impactful experience. "Every time I sought aid, [the Careers and Placements team] helped me boost my confidence," Seema recalls.

At Sense, she harnessed her Aston University-acquired skills in data analytics and Power BI, revolutionising processes and enhancing efficiency through automation. Her role involved extensive data analysis, allowing her to apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges. This placement played a crucial role in her career progression, paving the way for her current position as a technology analyst at Barclays.

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Seema Pagarkar MSc Business Analytics graduate

Advice for future students

Seema, reflecting on her time at Aston University, offers heartfelt advice to prospective and current students. She enthusiastically endorses the MSc Business Analytics programme: "Simply go for it! This is not only the best university for the business analytics course, but it also provides excellent opportunities for career placement and volunteering work."

She highlights the comprehensive support systems at Aston University, including the Library, the Learning Development Centre and the accessible mentors and instructors, ensuring that "you are never alone" in your academic journey.