Why Finance at Aston University?

Paras Khistriya, now a senior lending and recovery administrator at St. James' Place, chose Aston University for its esteemed position in the business domain and its central Birmingham location. The scholarship offered to him was also a significant factor in his decision.

"I studied MSc Finance because of my previous study in accounting and finance and interest to move further in my current field," Paras explained, highlighting the alignment of his academic background and career aspirations with Aston University's offerings.

Paras Khistriya MSc Finance graduate


Paras Khistriya MSc Finance graduate

Academic and extracurricular experience

Paras particularly enjoyed the flexible approach to studies and the quality of teaching at Aston University. "The teachers and the flexible approach of studies was a very good aspect of the University and course," he remarked.

The engaging course material added greatly to his academic experience, fostering a sense of excitement and deep learning.

Living on campus, Paras took full advantage of the vibrant culture at Aston University. He joined various clubs and societies, including the Indian, Filipino and Arab societies, which not only enriched his social life but also allowed him to immerse himself in diverse cultural experiences, reflecting the University's inclusive and dynamic environment.


Navigating challenges with determination

To prospective students and his fellow alumni, Paras offered advice grounded in resilience and optimism.

"You will go through dozens of failures and rejections, and do not take any of it personally," he advised, emphasising the importance of persistence in the face of challenges and the value of surrounding yourself with positive influences.

His mantra, "tough times do not last, tough people do," resonates with his journey from Aston University to a successful career in finance, underscoring the enduring spirit and determination that Aston University nurtures in its students.

Paras Khistriya MSc Finance graduate