Why Finance at Aston University?

Oliver Wheeler, now working as a private bank analyst at JPMorgan Chase and Co., began his journey at Aston University with a clear goal – to enhance his career prospects.

He was drawn to the MSc Finance programme at Aston University for its unique opportunities, such as the Aston Global Advantage module and the virtual internship scholarships, along with the chance to acquire new skills.

"Aston [University] presented the opportunity to learn R, and additional resources to learn other programming languages," Oliver recalled. His interest in expanding his knowledge through modules like FinTech, Fixed Income Securities and Quantitative Methods for Finance was a driving factor in his choice.

​​​​​Oliver Wheeler MSc Finance graduate


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Inspiring teaching and applied learning

The focus on practical skills was the highlight of Oliver's course at Aston University.

"I was able to apply these skills in other modules and also bring them into the workplace," he explained, emphasising the direct application of his learning, particularly in Excel for modeling debt tranches.

His interactions with the lecturers were both accommodating and inspiring, significantly enhancing his academic experience. Oliver also valued the forward-thinking and challenging nature of the course, which equipped him with skills in FinTech, quantitative methods and R.


Professional experience

Oliver benefited from the Virtual Internship Scholarships Programme, a component of the Aston Global Advantage module, where he applied his course knowledge in a real-world setting.

Working for a start-up private equity fund in London, he was responsible for creating a financial model, utilising Excel skills and applying stochastic processes learned during his studies at Aston University.

"I learned a lot of Excel skills such as VLOOKUP and data validation, and was also able to apply my knowledge from the course," he shared, reflecting on the practical application of his academic learning.

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Advice for prospective students

To prospective students considering the MSc Finance course at Aston University, Oliver offered insight and encouragement.

"It's a very fulfilling course. You'll learn lots of mathematics and programming," he advised. He emphasised the plentiful opportunities for scholarships and work experience, along with the dedicated Careers and Placements team at Aston University.

Oliver's experience underscored the importance of practical skills, which he found to be highly valued by employers, reaffirming the practical orientation of the programme.

His journey from an ambitious student to a distinguished professional at JPMorgan Chase and Co. exemplifies the transformative impact of Aston University's postgraduate finance programmes.