Why Aston University and Business Enterprise Development?

Ogonna Chinedu's decision to pursue her MSc in Business Enterprise Development at Aston University stemmed from various factors. "One of the reasons is that Aston University was ranked among the top 100 universities for business and management courses and was also crowned 'Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year' in 2020", Ogonna explained.

Aston Business School's reputation for excellence in business education and its recognition as a hub for entrepreneurship attracted her. The University's "flexible courses and friendly environment for international students" further solidified her decision. Ogonna chose her course to "sharpen and develop" her management skills, essential for success in the business world.

Throughout her programme, Ogonna found immense enjoyment in the practical approach to learning. "I enjoyed the practical way in which we were taught", she reflected. The opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life business scenarios allowed her to gain invaluable insights and skills. Notably, Ogonna led a team for fundraising activities for Birmingham Children’s Hospital during her programme, embodying the practical application of her learning.

​​​​​Ogonna Chinedu MSc Business Enterprise Development graduate




Business Enterprise Development coaching team with ASTON letters on campus

Advice for future students and graduates

For students considering the MSc Business Enterprise Development programme at Aston University, Ogonna offered words of encouragement. "Be ready to be exposed to the development of real business ideas and application of entrepreneurial theories", she advised. The programme equips students with practical skills necessary to thrive as sustainable, creative and resilient entrepreneurs. Ogonna believes that by the end of the course, students will emerge with the practical acumen needed to navigate the complexities of the business world.

Reflecting on her journey, Ogonna shared valuable career advice with her fellow Aston University alumni. "Be honest about your goals", she emphasised. "Developing your desired career takes time, training, commitment, discipline and patience." Ogonna underscored the importance of continuous professional development: "Whether you are at the beginning of your career or not, there are always opportunities for growth and improvement". She encouraged alumni to seize opportunities for development and remain steadfast in their pursuit of professional excellence.