Why Finance at Aston University?

"MSc Finance at Aston University offered modules that were closely aligned to CFA contents," explained Lan Xu, a graduate who achieved distinction and ranked first in her cohort.

Attracted to the course for its inclusion of practical tools like R and EViews, these elements enhanced her CV significantly. Additionally, Aston University's proximity to Birmingham's city centre enriched her experience, balancing academic rigor with urban exploration.

Lan's academic journey at Aston University was highlighted by a diverse and relevant curriculum. "I got to learn a wide range of finance knowledge, from trading to blockchain," she said.

Her interest peaked with the Blockchain and Fintech module, a cutting-edge topic in the rapidly evolving FinTech sector. Lan valued the balance between theoretical and practical learning at Aston University, and she was particularly grateful for the dedicated tutors, noting, "tutors were very helpful and willing to invest their time in coaching."

Lan Xu - MSc Finance graduate


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Launching a career in finance

Lan's successful transition from Aston University to a career in risk advisory at BDO UK LLP is a testament to the practicality and real-world applicability of the MSc Finance programme. Her experience exemplifies how Aston University's programme prepares students for the dynamic demands of the finance industry.


Embracing challenges

Reflecting on her journey, Lan offered advice to future students considering Aston University: "enjoy the journey of getting new knowledge as well as being challenged all the time."

She emphasised that the MSc Finance course, while challenging, offers immense rewards and opportunities for personal growth.

Lan's journey at Aston University is a powerful example of the impact of dedication and perseverance in academic and professional success.

Birmingham cityscape from Aston campus