Leadership is demonstrated in how people communicate, approach problem-solving, inspire change, and connect with others. Aston Business School has always put leadership qualities at the fore of what it offers its students and staff. We support business leaders in enhancing their organisation’s performance and growth. It is our particular aim to ensure that the opportunities we create are made available to all members of our society.

Here at Aston Business School, our leadership research focuses on:

  • How leadership can enhance micro-level social responsibility within an organisation
  • The relationship between stressors, leadership, and other resources in predicting employees’ mental health, wellbeing, creativity, and performance
  • The ways in which leaders can stimulate creativity and innovation in organisations by displaying verbal and nonverbal behaviours
  • How processes across the work-home interface can promote or inhibit the display of creativity in organisations
  • Evidence-based coaching and team coaching as a means to facilitate product, service, and process innovation in organisations with diverse teams
  • Gender, careers and leadership
  • Entrepreneurial learning, development and innovation.

Hear from some inspirational leaders from the world of business

Listen to some inspirational leaders on our podcast

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Humble Leadership

Dr Xiaoshuang Lin, an expert in leadership at Aston Business School, explains how Gareth Southgate is a perfect example of 'humble leadership'. She says the England football manager’s humility, empathy and willingness to admit mistakes is what many businesses need, along with 'servant leaders', such as Mother Theresa. However, she warned that businesses will sometimes need tougher leaders as well.

Release date: February 2022



Season 4 - Episode 7 - Women in Business

Women in business should consider themselves a strength, not a weakness. That's the message from Professor Helen Higson of Aston Business School, and Daniella Genas, an MBA graduate and successful entrepreneur, in a podcast episode created to celebrate International Women's Day. 

Release date: March 2022

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