Join us as we explore the intersection of economics and education, bringing together the expertise of esteemed invited speakers and our institutions to enhance the way we teach and learn.

The Birmingham Economic Education Seminars (BEES) are a collaboration between Birmingham's three largest universities; Aston University, University of Birmingham, and Birmingham City University. Our seminars aim to provide a diverse and inclusive space for the presentation and discussion of ideas in economics education and aim to provide value to educators both within economics, and in adjacent disciplines which face similar challenges in teaching and learning.

In the interests of promoting inclusion and participation from as wide an audience as possible, we welcome both in-person or remote participation.

BEES has five main priorities:


Explore and promote educational innovation through seminars and presentations, discussions and exchange of insights among educators.


Promote engagement with economics educational and pedagogical research to assist in the development and dissemination of impactful strategies for engaging students actively in economics classrooms.

Diversity and Inclusion

To prioritise diversity and inclusion in economics, to provide an inclusive platform for a diverse range of participants, and to meaningfully embed inclusivity and diversity in all activities.


To provide a platform for the development of economics education and the professional development of economics educational researchers.


To foster a network of dedicated economics educators committed to continuous improvement in teaching and create opportunities for collaborative research across institutions.

Speaker: Swati Virmani (De Montfort University)
Date: Wednesday 14th February 2024
Time: 1:00-4:00 UK time
Location: University House, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT
Room: G07

This seminar prioritises the preservation of our unique identity as educators while exploring the enhancement of our distinctive teaching practices through Artificial Intelligence (AI). In short, follow a ‘pedagogy-first’ approach! As AI tools and techniques continue to advance rapidly, there is an understandable excitement about their potential applications in education. However, in our enthusiasm to embrace these emerging technologies, we must be careful not to erase or devalue the critical role of pedagogy and our unique practices. The talk aims to explore how we can thoughtfully integrate AI in ways that elevate, rather than replace, effective teaching practices. Our distinctive ideas, insights and experiences must shape how AI tools are applied, preventing technology from undervaluing our ‘signature’ style.

swati virmani

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  • 20th March 2024: Speaker TBC, Birmingham City University
  • 24th April 2024: Alex Squires (Manchester), Aston University

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Networking is a central priority, so we'll always make sure there is a time to meet and talk either before, during, or after each event.

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