We aspire to create educational experiences that are relevant, impactful, ethical and inclusive. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We are constantly innovating and improving and this is achieved, through use of interactive teaching methods, gamification and research to build our programmes and offerings.

We look to collaborate across the College and the wider industrial and professional base, locally in the West Midlands and also with national and international organisations. Our programmes are accredited by the major accounting Institutions including ICAEW, ACCA & CIMA. As a result, students are confident that the education we provide is relevant and applicable within academia and beyond. 

Staff are from both an academic and professional background, ensuring that the context of accounting in business is fully investigated and appreciated by graduates. Students will not only focus on the essential core knowledge for an accounting and finance professional, but will also have access to specialist skills and knowledge through the use of optional modules affording the opportunity to tailor degrees to each individual’s career aspirations.

As a department, we are proud to be known internationally for our innovation in the classroom both physical and virtual. Our focus on the skills needed to be excellent accountants not only in theory but in practice, means that students graduate with the confidence to be effective decision makers and have a proactive approach to problem solving as well as effective communication. 

We maximise our impact internationally through the development of education research in a form that can be disseminated and picked up by other educators. We are committed to the teaching of the context and consequence of accounting as well as ensuring students are equipped with the key technical competencies they will also need beyond their programmes.

Our teaching staff are regularly recognised for their excellence through prizes and awards nominated both by peers and also by students themselves.


One of our core objectives is to give our students the best possible range of career options and workplace skills at the end of their course. Aston is one of the highest rated universities for graduate employability in the country.

Fundamental to our undergraduate course is a valuable and meaningful placement year that has produced some outstanding experiences for students. We have specific teaching modules that focus on careers in accountancy and how to get them, and all of our programmes benefit from guest speaker sessions drawn from our extensive links with industry and the accounting profession. 

Finally, we recognise that in the modern, global world accountants and accountancy is not isolated from other business functions. You can expect our programmes to draw widely from disciplines such as strategy, operations management and finance and well as exploring the wider socio-political dimensions of accountancy.

So whether you see yourself as a CFO of a major corporation, a partner in an accounting firm, a high-level finance officer in the public sector, or accountancy as a stepping stone to a wider career in business, we believe that a degree from Aston provides the best possible start to your working life.