Our Full Time, Online and Executive MBA students have the opportunity to participate in our MBA Mentoring Programme, and be partnered with an Aston alumni mentor. 

Mentors can be invaluable; they act as a sounding board, feed into your studies, as well as provide you with senior career advice and share their experiences to help prepare you for a career at the top.  

About the MBA Mentoring Programme

The MBA Mentoring Programme runs from October until June each year (for Full Time students starting in January, this will be from February until December).  Students joining the programme will be matched with a mentor based on their skillset, previous work experience, and future ambitions. All our mentors have completed an MBA themselves, or held a senior role for a significant period of time, and have a passion for developing future talent.

Our alumni mentors provide students with impartial, external support to help them develop their careers and maximise their time on the MBA. Mentors give advice and guidance and provide industry insights at a senior managerial level. They can also provide students with opportunities to expand their professional network and help them to navigate through a range of career options available to them.
The nature and amount of communication will be agreed between the mentor and mentee. As a guideline, mentors and mentees are asked to commit to a minimum of one hour a month to the mentoring programme. Throughout the year you will also both be invited to a number of (online) events. These events are a great way to get to know your mentor and build your business network.

MBA students can meet with their mentor as often as agreed, and throughout the year both the mentor and mentee are invited to MBA mentoring dinners.These events are a great way to get to know your mentor and build your business network.

As #oprahwinfrey quotes "A mentor is someone who allows you to see hope inside yourself."
I am very grateful to Aston Business School for their mentoring program which gave me the much needed support of my mentor, who has very patiently guided me throughout my MBA course and has been kind enough to offer to continue extending his guidance and support even in the coming future.
Vaishnavi Wazir, MBA Student

If you have any questions about mentoring at Aston please contact mbamentoring@aston.ac.uk

The MBA Mentoring Programme

Hear from our mentors and mentees about their experiences and how the mentoring programme has helped them.