Aston Business School has an active Advisory Board comprised of experienced international business leaders.

The Board advises the School's senior leadership team on strategic areas in relation to learning and teaching, research, and business engagement. Several board members support specific initiatives within the School, with many board members acting as mentors to final year undergraduate students.

As part of the Business School’s continuous process of reflection and review the Advisory Board is undergoing a change in membership and new members will be added during the academic year 2023/24.

Mike Bandar (Chair)

Mike is a founding Partner of Turn Partners, a start-up studio focused on the acquisition, turnaround and creation of digital businesses. Turn Partners are also behind Hopper HQ, the Instagram scheduling tool, which became profitable standalone business within 3 months and servicing clients in over 55 countries within 12 months.

Turn Partner’s also run the influencer marketing agency Real Tribe as well as a small investment portfolio.

Mike is a graduate from Aston Business School and has owned and operated businesses since the age of 15. His background is mainly within sales, marketing and startup enterprise with experience ranging from the position of Head of New Business at a global advertising agency to providing independent consultancy for clients such as PETRONAS oil.

In 2017 Mike was featured on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list to receive a British Empire Medal for ‘Services to Young Entrepreneurs in the West Midlands’.

Mike has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Aston University for his contribution to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, making him one of the youngest ever recipients of a DSc

Mike Bandar


Indi Deol

Indi Deol is a visionary leader and the Founding Director of DESIblitz, the UK's largest online British Asian magazine. With a passion for advertising, leadership development, and strategic business growth, Indi spearheads the magazine's disruptive initiatives.

As the director behind Aidem Digital CIC, a Social Enterprise and digital media agency, Indi is dedicated to empowering projects that generate a positive social impact. His expertise and commitment make him a sought-after professional in the field.

Indi's impact resonates within the cultural sector as well. As a board member of Culture Central, the collective voice of the cultural sector in the West Midlands, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the region's creative landscape. Furthermore, his advisory and fellowship positions at Aston University Business School showcases his unwavering dedication to academic excellence and business innovation, propelling him to the forefront of the industry's thought leaders.

Indi's industry knowledge also extends to the world of film. As a trusted consultant for the esteemed BFI Film Audience Network, he contributes to the growth and development of film audiences across the country. Additionally, his involvement in the West Midland Combined Authority Cultural Leadership Board highlights his commitment to fostering cultural progress.

He is a Trustee of The Birmingham Civic Society and The Chamberlin Highbury Trust and he’s dedicated to shaping the cultural fabric of our vibrant city. Serving as a Trustee he contributes to the strategic vision and governance of these organisations, ensuring that they continue to make a positive impact on the community.

With an arsenal of digital skills, Indi excels in solving complex marketing and business challenges. Drawing from a diverse educational background that includes a strong emphasis on fashion design, he has honed his expertise in online media and content marketing over the past decade.

He has completed the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Businesses programme and has been recognised as a finalist for the esteemed Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Indi finds joy in exploring new places, immersing himself in the power of music, and indulging in the enchantment of cinema. Embodying the mantra "no pain, no gain," he continuously pushes boundaries and embraces challenges, thriving on the journey to success.

Indi Deol enjoys blending creativity, digital acumen, and a social conscience to shape a vibrant future where culture, media, and business intersect.

Indi Deol

Carolyn Chapman Lees

Carolyn is the Founder and Director of Just Horizons, a company with an ambition to cultivate equitable environments that enable individuals, teams, organisations and communities to thrive.  Operating with a clear emphasis on equity, enterprise, and empowerment as powerful catalysts for transformation, Just Horizons supports organisations to not only embrace Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) principles but to integrate them into their DNA. Just Horizons aspires to make universal inclusion the bedrock of every organisation, where everyone's unique contributions are valued and where barriers to success are dismantled.

Before setting up Just Horizons, Carolyn was Chief Executive Officer of the Titan Partnership, a unique education charity supporting more than 50 Primary and Secondary schools, FE Colleges, Private Training Providers and Universities in Birmingham. During her tenure, Carolyn led successful campaigns that addressed digital poverty, child criminal exploitation and equality of opportunity for young people across the city. 

Previous to her tenure with Titan, Carolyn was Executive Director at the Gazelle Colleges Group, a national network of FE colleges focused on wealth creation, entrepreneurship and employment as strategic drivers for change. Carolyn spearheaded national programmes for innovative student enterprise, entrepreneurial leadership and curriculum transformation whilst also developing and delivering design thinking, entrepreneurial mind-set and project-based learning programmes across the UK. In 2008 Carolyn founded TurnPoint Projects, a company specialising in personal development and enterprise education.

With a cross-sector portfolio career of more than 30 years in leadership, management, education and training, Carolyn has worked with companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Westfield London, Monsoon Accessorise, Scottish Power and Babson College, USA. Carolyn’s qualifications include a BA (Hons) Leisure and Business Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Masters in Business Administration. 

Carolyn Chapman Lees

Gaurav Brahmbhatt

Gaurav Brahmbhatt is a dynamic healthcare industry leader with over 20 years of extensive experience in homecare management, pharmaceuticals, and innovative patient care solutions. As the founding team member of HCAH India and a passionate entrepreneur, Gaurav has demonstrated a remarkable ability to translate visionary ideas into impactful solutions that revolutionize patient care.

With a robust background in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Gaurav has honed a versatile skill set that includes orchestrating change management in large teams and fostering collaborations with global pharmaceutical giants. His expertise lies in creating bespoke Patient Support Programs that not only elevate care standards but also enhance patient satisfaction.

At the core of Gaurav's mission is an unwavering passion for innovation. He thrives on developing cutting-edge Physical and Digital Care products that empower patients to navigate their health journeys with confidence. Gaurav firmly believes in the transformative power of the Healthcare Marketplace and actively seeks out partnerships that drive holistic disease management and positive outcomes.

Armed with a graduate degree in Pharmacy and a post-graduate degree in Biotechnology, Gaurav embarked on his illustrious journey in the healthcare industry. His tenure at Healthcare at Home, UK, provided invaluable insights into the nuances of home healthcare. Additionally, Gaurav is deeply engaged in fostering UK-India Business Relationships through his active involvement in the British Business Group and advisory role at Aston Business School, UK. Gaurav proudly holds the prestigious Aston University MBA, is an honorary doctorate recipient (DSc.) from Aston University, and the proud winner of the prestigious British Council Award for Social Action. Gaurav's commitment to social causes extends to his contribution to the Commonwealth project "Tribute to Life" on organ donation.

Gaurav Brahmbhatt

Dr Quintin Heath

Quintin Heath is a Human Resources Director with a deep interest in transforming businesses through cultural change, major organisation redesign and organisational effectiveness programmes. He has previously worked in retail, higher education, and airline catering. In 2001 he joined Associated British Foods and for them has worked in Twinings, UK Grocery and, since 2010, AB Sugar. Over the last 25 years he has worked internationally, with experience of Europe, Asia and southern Africa. He likes to combine the practical realities of his day job with his desire to understand how to bring about fundamental business change.

Throughout his career, he has retained the ability to see things from different perspectives. This desire and the passion for creating business value led him to undertake a doctorate at Aston in organisational culture change, which he completed in 2018; with three case studies from South Africa, the UK and China.

Outside of work Quintin enjoys swimming, cycling and running (but not when they are put together) and has two grown up children.

Dr Quintin Heath’s profile picture