Meet Harki Ranautta, the Aston University graduate applying her expert knowledge to the real world.

After completing her BSc (Hons) Psychology at Aston University, Harki decided to continue her studies at Aston Business School where she completed an MSc Work Psychology and Business.

Harki now works as a research psychologist for the UK Civil Service.



Why did you choose Aston University?

I chose Aston University because of its renowned global reputation and the accreditations of the Business School.

Having completed my BSc Psychology at Aston University, I knew the emphasis on theory to practice through application and employability would support me in the next phase of my career. There were always so many opportunities available to excel, explore and be innovative with the support of highly reputable experts in their fields.

Aston Business School’s reputation and its strong sense of community remains with me today. I knew that by studying at the University, I would gain a degree which provided me with many transferable skills I could utilise, regardless of my employer. 

Why did you choose the course?

I wanted to begin the journey of chartership to become a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Aston University offered a degree which was not only accredited by the British Psychological Society, but also offered integration with other disciplines and students from across the Business School. I knew this would provide me with lots of opportunities to work in multi-disciplinary teams, and prepare me for the working world.

The lecturers were also practitioners and provided useful, up to date and informative insights into cutting edge research from world class professionals.



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Were you a member of any clubs or societies?

Yes, I was a member of many different societies including Aston Sikh Society and the Psychology Society. I really enjoyed meeting people from different courses, the University’s culturally diverse student population strengthened the community feel. 

Did you complete any internships or placements?

I completed an internship with a start-up company, Enploy, as a Product Development Intern, a company which focused on supporting graduates through employment. This gave me the opportunity to apply the theory and skills gained during my MSc into practice, while working with other students from across Aston Business School. 


How did your experience at Aston University prepare you for your current role?

Aston University provided me with a solid foundation both personally and professionally, allowing me to excel in my career.

The MSc Work Psychology and Business offered many simulations of the working world, enabling me to further develop transferable skills through group work. These experiences transitioned me into beginning my career while supporting me to identify my strengths and values early on. 



Harki Ranautta graduation

Advice to future Aston University students

  1. Appreciate and learn from your peers, they are the ones who will be on this professional path with you.  
  2. Your career is a journey – don’t rush it, see your value and difference, breathe and strive. 


“Aston Business School has enabled me to gain a diverse range of opportunities, and has provided me with a platform when applying for jobs. I could not be prouder of my time at Aston University, a community that still lives on in the working world.”