Victoria is an Engineer with a Masters in International Business and training in human behaviour and personality. She is also trained on delivering the ITU’s (International Telecommunications Union) tools for ICT centric ecosystem building.

The current global economy and technological advancements translates in the adaptation of new behaviors for organizations, teams and consumers. Victoria’s created Behaviour Hackers to fill that gap and build bridges between technology and human interactions, to optimize their resources to boost human talent. Victoria’s background in engineering makes her approach unique. She works around the world delivering corporate training to organizations helping them create more impact using fewer resources. 

Always motivated by a commitment to the digital technology sector being accessible and rewarding to all, she participates in several initiatives such as being a Women in Tech Ambassador for Silicon canal, a Member of TEDxAstonUniversity advisory board. She has been invited to participate in several events such as InnoEnergy’s Power up pitch competition, Silicon Canal Awards, YILF forum Busan, International Women’s Day, Tech Future female leaders, among others.