Joe Housley and his business partner Connor Watt had always been passionate about creating an alternative future for themselves, rather than going down a conventional career route. Throughout their degree courses they were full of ideas and yearning for the freedom that entrepreneurship could bring. Time flew by and one year from graduation everything started to feel urgent so they launched a podcast business to start developing skills and a customer base.

This business didn’t have sufficient potential to give them sustainable futures where they could be the masters of their own destinies. BSEEN had always been on their radar so, as they started to develop a new concept for a video production business, they met the BSEEN team who encouraged them to enter a Santander pitching competition and, if they did well, enrol for BSEEN. They came second, winning a very useful £250, and quickly enrolled for the BSEEN bootcamp. 

Narce Media, a media production company, was formed with a key focus on video production. Joe and Connor scoped the market and decided that the sweet spot would be creating powerful, engaging videos for large businesses and universities. They developed an alternative business model – instead of clients paying per video, they have introduced an annual subscription model, with levels and payment plans to suit different businesses. This provides flexibility for businesses, enables Narce Media to develop long term relationships with clients and also brings in a steady year-round income stream. 

“BSEEN has been supporting us with advice, mentors, information, funding and networks.” said Joe. “When you are starting in business you need to know everything from marketing, sales and financials to how to put a legal contract in place. BSEEN was there for all of this and the funding came along just when we were dangerously poor, enabling us to buy the first few pieces of equipment.” 

Mentoring has been a really important aspect of BSEEN for Joe and Connor. Joe added,

“Mentoring has been massive and integral to our success. We started off meeting our mentor every week, then every fortnight and we know she will continue to be there for us.”

Narce Media was officially launched in September 2018 and by Christmas they had their first three major clients. Since Christmas they have continued to grow and are currently in talks with a major bank. They have taken a lease on office and studio space in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter and plan to take on two members of staff in the next few months. But Narce Media is unlikely to be the full story as Joe and Connor have other entrepreneurial ideas in mind which they intend to progress when the current business is firmly established.