At Aston University, we proudly host a thriving community of over 1000 apprentices, each contributing to our vibrant learning environment and collective success. Their journey involves skilfully navigating the dual demands of part-time study and full-time work, a testament to their dedication and determination to succeed.

Voice of Success: Meet Jack Miller from Aston Martin 

Introducing Jack Miller, Regional Operations Director at Aston Martin, who has successfully completed our Aston Executive Leadership Apprenticeship, seamlessly integrated into his MBA. During his time in the programme, Jack secured a promotion and benefited from managerial guidance provided by his line manager, which significantly contributed to his career advancement.

Whether you're launching your career, seeking to enhance your skills, or contemplating a career shift, Degree Apprenticeships provide a flexible and accessible pathway for continuous learning and professional development.


Before my apprenticeship, I rarely took on active team roles or leadership positions due to the lack of confidence and the misconceptions I had about being a leader. My apprenticeship has allowed me take on leadership roles in various scenarios, ranging from career initiatives to leading technical client projects. I've had the opportunity to work closely with managers and observe various leadership positions. This exposure has provided me with valuable insights into what it takes to be an effective leader."

Iman Bhatti
Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, 
Programme Manager, Microsoft 


"The apprenticeship programme is an ideal pathway to develop your career ambitions since it allows you to study while working and apply your previous experiences to your education whilst developing your skills and knowledge. I preferred this route because I could be better academically, and the hand on approach is better suited to my learning style. For example, I have been able to apply my learning within the organisation from the get-go, improving my decision-making and the way I manage change.”

Bally Purewal 
Aston Executive Leadership Programme,
Operations Director, Compass Group Ltd 




"One of the greatest benefits is how you can apply the teachings directly within your workplace. The course is structured in a way that means you have to learn academic knowledge, apply it to the workplace, then reflect on what the impact was and how you have and will develop as a result. I feel that this leads to a deeper learning and therefore greater impact within your role and organisation."

Jack Miller 
Aston Executive Leadership Programme, 
Regional Manager, Aston Martin