Are you thinking about organising a catch up with your classmates to reminisce about old times? The prospect of planning an event can be daunting if you are unsure of where to start. Don't worry; the Alumni Team are here to help!

Planning a Successful Event

Check out our top tips below to help you with every step of the planning process.

Planning your event

Before you start...

  • Plan well in advance to get the date in the diaries and consider when you would like to hold the event – what time of year (summer, Christmas, a memorable date, 5, 10, 25, 30, 40, 50-year anniversary of graduating or starting your course). Bear in mind that some times of the year are busier than others or you may wish to avoid school holidays when friends could be away. 
  • Decide where you would like to meet and if it will be a formal or informal event. You can get a great deal at the 4* hotel situated in the centre of the University grounds. Conference Aston. Staff can also help plan dinners, lunches, and morning coffees to be held in their private dining suites or contemporary bar. Click here for more information on Conference Aston and pricing.
  • Draw up a plan for finding your lost contemporaries - we are happy to help you find and contact your former classmates and invite them on your behalf. Email the Alumni Team with information on whom you are looking for, and we can advise what details we hold. Whilst we cannot give out personal contact details, we can contact alumni with information about the event and ask them to reply to you directly. We can also help promote your event via our website, e-newsletter, and social media channels, including FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Decide whether spouses/partners will be invited.

Organising an event can be relatively straightforward; however, it requires time and effort. The more people you can get to help out, the easier it might feel. And remember, we are here to help where and when we can.

Promoting your event

Promoting your event

We can help promote your event via email, through our e-newsletter, the alumni website, and our social media sites, including Facebook,  LinkedIn, and Twitter. Photographs can help stir up the memories; if you have any of your time at Aston that you would like to accompany any online promotion, please include them in your email.

  • Send out details of your event, inviting them to attend - you can also ask others to help promote the event as well
  • Advertise the event on your social media pages
  • Reply to the responses
  • If you would like us to help promote your reunion, please email us with the following information: Whom you would like to invite (class of course, etc.)
  • Date of the reunion
  • Venue details
  • A message to the group
  • Contact details for the organiser of the reunion and information on how to book
Just before the event
  • Confirm numbers with the venue (if applicable)
  • Contact attendees to confirm and remind them of the time and venue of the reunion. You could also include information about parking, a map of the area, and how to get there.

We very much hope you have an enjoyable reunion. 


After your event

​​​​​​Once you've all caught up and had a great time, don't forget to get in touch to let us know how it went. 

We love to hear about the many reunions that take place and sometimes feature them on our website, in our e-newsletter, or annual magazine.   

Please email details of your event to the team and include information of where and when it was held and who attended. Pictures really help bring the story to life, so please do send us your photographs.

Stay connected!

For us to keep in contact with our graduates, we must have up-to-date contact details. When organising a reunion, you may find new contact information for some of your old friends. 

We would really appreciate it if you encourage everyone who attends to go to our online form to update their details. This will ensure they don't miss out on more information about events and news in the future. 

Special Aston Memories?

Do let us know if you have any photos or memories that we could add to our online archive - we'd love to hear from you!

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