Alumni and friends of Aston have generously given millions of pounds over the past decade, with their kindness having a profound impact on Aston’s students, research capabilities and campus.  

In March 2023 we are conducting a Telethon to raise awareness of the Forward Fund, which provides vital assistance to students wherever the need is greatest. 



A team of current Aston students, supervised by university staff, will be contacting alumni and friends of Aston by telephone. This is a wonderful way not just to receive gifts securely and personally, but also to update you on the university, find out what you are doing, and give you a chance to hear from a current student on life at Aston now. 

These conversations provide an excellent experience for these students too, with graduates able to pass on valuable life lessons and key advice on making the most of their time at university. 

The Aston Telethon is one of the highlights of our alumni engagement programme and we hope you will be able to spare a few minutes to talk to one of the team. 

UK data laws mean that our student team cannot call any telephone numbers registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) without permission. If your phone number is TPS registered but you still wish to hear from your university, you can update your status here, or email 

Aston Univiversity is an exempt charity under schedule 3(c) of the Charities Act 2011. No. XT14145. 



Many people are keen to hear how they can support students and research at Aston, but prefer to read through the information. We send out philanthropic mailings throughout the year. If you’re not sure we have an up-to-date address, you can give us all your details here


Email and online 

To reduce the amount of paper we use, we also try to incorporate email and online giving into our philanthropic programme. You can support a variety of projects at Aston through our giving page . It is safe, easy to use, and lets you choose how you hear from us in future.