Each year, millions of people worldwide suffer strokes or traumatic head injuries, causing the brain to swell. This swelling, caused by water entering the brain, causes death or severe long-term health implications. Currently, there is no treatment other than high-risk surgery.   

A research project being led by Professor Roslyn Bill has discovered a drug that can dramatically reduce the way water enters the injured brain, preventing this dangerous swelling. This could save countless lives in the future. The next step in their research is to begin clinical trials, opening the door to a better future for people who have suffered these types of injury.   

With your help, they can take this next step.  

Hear what professor Bill has to say about the remarkable work done, its real-world implications, and why we need alumni to support these trials.

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Professor Roslyn Bill on Brain Research

Professor Roslyn Bill on Brain Research

“This is something we’ve discovered at Aston, we’ve been working on it for a number of years now, with our collaborators, and we want to take the fundamental discoveries we’ve made in the lab and use them to benefit patients who may otherwise die.

Stopping Cytotoxic Oedema from developing is so critical, and if we can do that we can save people’s lives.”

Professor Roslyn Bill
Professor of Biotechnology
School of Life & Health Sciences at Aston University


Brain Research

Meet Professor of Biotechnology, Roslyn M Bill.