Where have you worked since graduating?

  • Non-Executive Director at Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Non-Executive Director at Aston Business School

What did you study at Aston University?

What year did you graduate?

"The MBA has helped me develop the soft skills that have really elevated my leadership capability."

Tell us about your journey so far

With 25 years experience in business that includes various roles in banking and then running my own property lettings and development businesses, I had already done quite a lot in my career. Through recent years in my property businesses, we had rapid growth of 300% in three years and grew from a small to mid-size business. In this process, I realised this was due to my growing strength as a strategic leader with an entrepreneurial approach to the industry.

Why did you decide to do an MBA?

As my two children were both now adults in the working world, I felt it was time to invest in myself with a new challenge. The idea of returning to academia had been something that I had wanted to explore for a while and as my son came into our business, it allowed me to take the opportunity to challenge myself in a full-time MBA

Why did you decide to study at Aston Business School?

Having been to some of the local universities to explore the opportunity to study an MBA with them, Aston University had a very efficient but friendly approach that I really valued. The support provided before I began the course was of an extremely high level and I Knew their approach would ensure that I would get all the help I needed throughout.

What was the highlight of your MBA experience?

Spending a week in Toulouse was the highlight of the course, as I was able to have insights into a varied range of businesses, including Airbus, Continental and Château Canet. As well as having the opportunity to go to lectures at Toulouse Business School, it was an opportunity for the cohort to broaden their minds to the role of culture in business.

How has the Aston MBA helped your career?

The MBA has helped me develop the soft skills that have really elevated my leadership capability. I am now working as a non-executive director on three boards, continuing to grow my businesses and learning from high-level business leaders. This has all helped me to strategically consider entering new market in the property industry.

"Do something you love, don’t limit your growth and if you are prepared to work hard you can achieve anything."

What activities are you involved in?

As I am now working on the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP, the first Asian female board member, I am now involved with government work. This includes being involved with policymaking, decisions on funding of growth projects, infrastructural, digital and housing decisions for economic growth.

How has the Aston MBA helped your business?

Having broadened my thinking in leadership and business, my aspirations for business have also grown. Venturing into more construction within the property sector will grow my company tenfold over 5 years. Entering into Government work has also encouraged me to use my skills for real impact for economic growth, not only locally but nationally.

What is next on the career horizon for you?

Strategically grow the existing business I have through varied avenues, continue to grow the board work with the view to create significant economic growth through impact.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start or run their own business.

Complete the MBA first but on the way explore and use all the resources that Aston offer. There are many. Gain yourself a mentor for support and network at every opportunity to increase the circle of influence around you. The MBA will give you the confidence and Knowledge needed to to follow through on your ideas.

Do something you love, don’t limit your growth and if you are prepared to work hard you can achieve anything.

CEO To MBA: How Business School Helped Me Grow As A Leader