The Degree Certificate issued by Aston University as proof of the conferment of the award of a degree is a unique and valuable document which should be carefully stored by its recipient.

Replacement certificates, if issued, may be in the current format which may not be the exact format of the original. This will not affect the validity of the certificate.

Destruction, Damage or Loss

The destruction or loss of the certificate is a serious matter and a replacement will only be issued at the discretion of the Director of Student and Academic Services.

In order for your request to be dealt with promptly you must:

  1. Complete the form in full
  2. Include a scan or copy of passport to verify identity.
  3. Pay a £40 administration fee via Aston University’s Online Store and submit the receipt with your application
  4. Return any damaged certificate if relevant.
  5. Provide a police reference number if certificate has been stolen.

To apply for the issue of a replacement certificate you should complete all relevant sections of this following form

Once you have completed and signed this form in full please submit along with copy of your payment receipt to the Student Records team via email

Applications will not be considered if the form is not completed in full and payment is not received. Any application with missing information or payment will be closed as incomplete 5 working days from receipt. You would then need to reapply.

Change of Name

Replacement certificates will not usually be created due to a change of name, for instance following marriage or divorce.  

Gender Reassignment

Degree certificates can be reissued following gender reassignment. Please email Student and Academic Services for further information.

Verification of Awards (Third Parties)

If you are an employer or an agency wishing to verify the award of an individual please use the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online verification service as outlined here.

Page reviewed March 2023