Upon completing an award, students are sent award documents based on their level of study. Please see the below:


Undergraduate students will have access to the following documents, following the completion of an award:

Higher Education Achievement report (HEAR) (from 2015/16 onwards)

Academic Transcript

Degree Certificate


Postgraduate students will have access to the following documents, following the completion of an award:

Academic Transcript (except Research students)

Degree Certificate

Diploma Supplement (from 2009/10 entry)



Students will have the option to share the above documents through Grad Intel (from 2019/20 onwards), or by purchasing a package from the Online Store if the above items are not available online: Certificates & Transcripts | Aston University Online Store 



What is a GradIntelligence and how do I access it ?

GradIntelligence is an online service that the University is using to deliver your HEAR, this service will remain available to you after your graduation. This service is completely free to you, but you will have to register for it in order to access your HEAR. You will need to register with GradIntelligence to access your HEAR, and the University will inform you by email when you need to do this, and will send you an activation link.

You will need to register with GradIntelligence to access your HEAR, and the University will email you from hear@aston.ac.uk. The University will email your Aston University email address when registration is available so you don't need to do anything to register before then. The activation email will contain instructions and a link to register with GradIntelligence.

We aren't able to change what appears on the academic sections of the report or any information about your award or programme. However, you can ask for any achievements listed on MAP to not appear on your HEAR. Please use the "Exclude from HEAR" function for that achievement on MAP.

If you notice that there is an error on your HEAR, or if we've missed something, then you can contact the department or team responsible for that achievement. For example, if your query relates to activity with the Students' Union then they can make the update for you. Contact details for each activity can be found in the HEAR Directory on MAP. Please note, we are only able to make amendments to correct errors.

If the FAQ's don't help with your query or you think something should be added please contact hear@aston.ac.uk

How do I share through GradIntel?

You can electronically share your documents with any desired third party through the Gradintelligence service. These should be available for students who studied from 2019/20 onwards. 

The procedure for sharing your documents is as follows:
1.    Log into your account via www.gradintel.com.
2.    On the left hand menu under University Services click on ‘Documents’. This will show a list of all your available documents.
3.    Click on the ‘Share’ icon of your chosen document.
4.    This will take you into a ‘Share Document’ screen. Complete each field to specify the share parameters and recipient information, and click ‘Continue’.
5.    On the next page, check your details are entered correctly, tick the box if you consent to your document being shared, and click ‘Share Now’.
That will then send an e-mail with a document access token to the recipient’s e-mail address, so that they can view your document.
NOTE: If you do not know the name of the recipient of the HEAR share, please enter "Mr" in the forename and "Mrs" in the Surname. By doing this the system will allow the HEAR share.

Please see a guide below for further assistance:

How to share your HEAR
How do I share my documents to WES?

Please follow the instructions above for sharing through GradIntel. 

The WES recipient email address for sharing your HEAR is:


You can add your WES Reference number in the Message to recipient box.

For more information regarding sharing your HEAR with WES, please click on the link below;


If you do not have access to the required Grad Intel documents, you may place an order for the required documents through the Online Shop.

How do I get hard copies of my award documents?

Once you have completed your award, you will be sent the relevant documents specified at the top of this page. If you need additional copies, please follow the below instructions:


These are produced by your School. You will need to place an order through the OnlineShop. This document will include your modules and marks achieved for your programme.

Replacement certificates: 

If your Degree Certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, then you may order a replacement at a cost of £40.00.  Please go through the Online shop to make payment and to download a copy of the application form, if you would like to use this service. Can you please either email or post your application form back to us and our postal address is: Student records, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK. You will also need to send us a copy of your current passport(s) to confirm your identity:

Certified copies of certificates/diploma supplements:

If you would like your Degree Certificate or Diploma Supplement certified as being a true copy of the original, then the cost for this service is £5.00 for the first copy and £1.00 for each additional copy.  You will need to email us an A4 printable copy of your Degree Certificate/Diploma supplement (preferably a PDF copy) and go through the Online Shop to make payment. Also, please remember to provide your full postal address and also provide a copy of your passport to confirm your identity.