1. General Information
2. Enrolment and your personal student record at Aston
3. Changes to your circumstances during your study
4. Tuition Fees / Student Loans / Aston Scholarships/ Aston Bursaries
5. Graduation and Degree Congregations
6. Research Students
7. Examinations
8. Computer Access / ID cards



How do I order a prospectus?

You can order a copy of the most recent Undergraduate and / or Postgraduate prospectuses here:

Order a Prospectus

What are the term dates?

You can find all the term-dates through the following link for this and future years: About | Aston University 

How do I obtain a copy of a Council Tax Exemption Certificate?

Please see the Council Tax section for more information: Housing Advice | Aston University

How do I obtain a letter to open a bank account including my address?

You can make a request for a letter to take to your Bank by ordering one from My Aston Portal.

How do I obtain a letter which verifies that I am enrolled on my programme?

You can request this confirmation of enrolment letter via My Aston Portal.

How do I obtain a letter which verifies my attendance on my programme?

Please contact the programme secretary in your own School of Study for an attendance letter. If you are unsure of an email address to contact your School, please raise a request through Solve: Login (aston.ac.uk) 

How do I obtain a letter which verifies my Aston qualification?

Academic Services can provide you with a letter which confirms your degree at Aston - including the date of the award and the date it was conferred at a Degree Congregation. Alumni who require confirmation of their degree can email thehub@aston.ac.uk to request this including your student number. You will then be asked to  provide some form of identification before issuing a digital copy of the document.

How do I obtain a certified copy of my degree certificate?

Academic Services will officially certify good clear copies taken from your original degree certificate. There is an administration charge for this of £5 for the first copy and £1 for every further copy. Please come along to The Hub on the Ground Floor, Main Building, for this service. You can also order online Certificates | Aston University Online Store. Please ensure that you send a clear copy of your original certificate to the Student Records team (reg_studentrecords@aston.ac.uk) within 5 days of ordering your certified copy. 

How can an employer/organisation request a reference?

The formal process for verification is via the Higher Education Diploma Datacheck (HEDD) service.

In order to request a verification from Aston University, follow the instructions on the University website at: https://www.aston.ac.uk/academic-services/verification-of-awards-by-employers-and-agencies

How do I verify/share my award with other organisations (e.g WES)?

For information for sending your award through GradIntel or ordering a package online for verification with other organisations such as WES, please follow the instructions here.

How do I obtain a copy of my academic transcript?

For most programmes, Schools provide a copy of your official Academic Transcript when you graduate.  For any subsequent copies, a charge may be made through the Online Store: Certificates & Transcripts | Aston University Online Store. Please contact the relevant programme secretary/examinations officer in your School of Study for details. 



Where can I find out more about studying with the University as a new student? 

Students are able to complete pre-enrolment for their chosen programme of study online.  Once you have accepted an Unconditional Offer from Aston you will be emailed details about how to pre-enrol online using the University Student Portal (MAP).

How do I re-enrol for my programme of study?

Students are required to re-enrol online via the Aston Student Portal (MAP). When you are due to re-enrol please go to "My Aston Portal" where you will be taken through the process step-by-step: e:Vision Portal v7.3.0 (aston.ac.uk)

How do I change my address or personal details?

You can update your address details at any time, via the Aston Student Portal (MAP) once you are a currently enrolled student. Please note if your name changes during your study, you will have to provide evidence of this to The Hub in the Main Building, Ground Floor.

Please bring along a copy of your passport or other identity document (i.e. legal name change document).
You can send us a 'certified copy' of your passport.  This must be stamped and signed as being a certified copy of the original by an official, such as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, lecturer, civil servant, police officer or by a state authority. The person certifying the copy must provide their name, address and telephone number.



What do I do if I want to withdraw from my programme of study?

You can request to Withdraw from your programme using the task via your own My Aston Portal page. Please be aware there may be financial implications for withdrawing. More information can be found by clicking here

How do I change my mode of study, i.e. Sandwich to Full-time etc.

If you are on a programme of study where the Placement year is not compulsory and you are unable to secure a Placement; or for whatever reason you decide to transfer to the Full-time mode of study (or vice-versa); you should contact your School Programme Administrator so that your record can be updated. The School and the Placements office will then inform Academic Services automatically.

What do I do if I wish to transfer to a new programme of study?

Write to the programme director or programme secretary in your School of Study or request the change during the enrolment/re-enrolment online task.

What do I do if I want to request a Leave of Absence from my studies?

You can request a period of Leave from your programme using the task via your own My Aston Portal page. Leave would normally be for one whole academic year in the first instance. Please be aware there may be financial implications in suspending your studies. More information can be found by clicking here.



How can I find out more about Aston Scholarships/Aston Bursaries?

Please visit Funding | Aston University for information regarding scholarships and bursaries available. 

Who is eligible for an Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship and how do I apply?

Certain scholarships, including the alumni and Mercedes scholarships, are only awarded to those with a household income of less than £25,000, and you will need to prove your household income. This can be done by applying for a Student Finance loan. If you have applied for a means tested maintenance loan then we are able to access your household income information very quickly. However, you need to ensure your ‘sponsor’ has consented for Aston University to see your household information. To change your consent so Aston can see your household information, please ask your ‘sponsor’ to call up Student Finance and to change the consent.

More information on this specific Scholarship can be found here: Alumni Undergraduate Scholarships | Aston University

Who is eligible for an Aston Bursary?

Undergraduate students who pay variable tuition fees and have been awarded a maintenance grant, are entitled to a Bursary. Please visit the Funding page for further details. 

How do I apply for an Aston Bursary?

There is no separate application process but you must have made an application for Student Support via Student Finance. 

If you have been informed that you are eligible for a Bursary, but have not received a bursary letter from Aston, please check that you AND other sponsors (such as parents/ guardians) who have provided financial information on any Student Support application form have all given Consent to Share, as this maybe the reason why payments have been delayed.  To check if Consent to Share has been given, please contact the helpline: 0300 1000612.

Aston Bursary - payment details
Please ensure that the Student Loans Company also have your current Bank Account details as bursaries are paid directly into your bank account, in two instalments during the Spring and Summer terms.


Who can I contact about my Aston Bursary?

If you have a query about your Aston Bursary you can contact the following address: Scholarships@aston.ac.uk

I have questions about my funding, who do I contact?

There is a range of FAQ's available on our webpages. Please visit: Undergraduate Finance Advice | Aston University for Information and advice on undergraduate fees, funding and finance. if you still have queries, please contact: studentadviceteam@aston.ac.uk

Where can I find more information about applying for Student Finance as a home student?

Please visit Home Students | Aston University for more information about when you should apply for funding and how to do so.

I haven’t received my student loan, what do I do next?

You must have applied to Student Finance and received a Financial Notification Schedule confirming the expected dates your loan will be paid.

A condition of your loan is that the University must confirm your attendance.  Academic Services provides the Student Loans Company (SLC) with electronic daily confirmation updates of students attendance at University, without this confirmation your student loan funds will not be released.  It is therefore vital that you re-enrol via the Student Portal (MAP) each year, so as not to delay the payment of your student loan.

Please check your bank account approximately 3-5 working days after the start of Term 1 term-dates here or 3-5 working days after you have enrolled / re-enrolled via the Student Portal, whichever is the latter, as long as you have received a Financial Notification Schedule from the SLC confirming your loan details.

If you have not received your loan payment when expected, you should contact the Student Loan Company to confirm that they have your correct University and programme details and your correct bank account number details.

Please note that dates printed on the Financial Notification Schedule are approximate.

If the Student Loan Company have incorrect details about your University, tuition fees amount, course or mode of study, you should let them know as soon as possible by completing the Change of Circumstances form CO1 or by completing their online application process. This can be found on the Student Finance Direct Website. Failure to inform the SLC promptly of changes may delay the SLC payment of tuition fees and/subsequent related bursary payments. Please note that after the start of term it may not longer be possible to make changes to your record yourself. We would have to make that change with Student finance on your behalf.

How/where do I pay my tuition fees?

Please visit the the Finance webpage for more information on how to pay your fees. 

How do I find out what my tuition fees will be for the new academic year?

Undergraduate tuition fees for the coming academic year are usually published during the Spring term. Undergraduate students will be able to see what their expected tuition fees will be in their personal section of My Aston Portal (MAP).  This will give you an idea of what your fees are likely to be, so that you can inform your Local Authority of the correct amount. 

If you are repeating any modules from the previous year, a pro-rata fee will be charged for the total number of credits that you are taking. For information on pro rata fees please contact the relevant Academic Services staff (as listed above). It is your responsibility to inform your Local Authority of any changes to your tuition fees, as this will affect your tuition fee loan and any fees related Awards/Bursary



When and where will my degree congregation be held?

If you are due to graduate this year, graduation details and further information about your graduation is available online in the graduation web page: https://www.aston.ac.uk/current-students/graduation. This will be displayed on your MAP record.

Registration for graduation is required to include you in a ceremony.  Registration details are displayed on MAP.

When and how do I receive my degree certificate?

Your degree certificate will be issued within 4 weeks of an award list being approved and sent to the Student Records team by your School. 

Upon receipt of this award list following an Exam Board, you will be sent a link to order your documents which will remain active for 21 days. Please note we will only issue to the address you specify when you complete this task.

How do I obtain a replacement of my lost/stolen degree certificate?

If your Degree Certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, then you may order a replacement at a cost of £40.00.  Please go through the Online shop to make payment and to download a copy of the application form, if you would like to use this service. Can you please either email or post your application form back to us and our postal address is: Student records, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK. You will also need to send us a copy of your current passport(s) to confirm your identity:



Where should i submit my thesis?

Your thesis should be submitted to the PGR Progression Team in the Graduate School, Main Building MB652a



Where can I check that I am entered for the correct exams? / Where can I obtain a personalised exam timetable?

Your examination timetable is available on your personal section of My Aston Portal (MAP). Please be aware that exam timetables are only available from approximately 4 weeks before the start of the examination session. Your School of Study will inform you as soon as they are available.

If you are sanctioned or have any outstanding debts/fines with the University, your exam timetable will not be displayed. Contact your School examination office if you have a query about your exams.

The Academic Services Examinations Officer is Lesley Wood, Main Building Room G25 
Tel. 0121-204 4662 Email: l.m.wood@aston.ac.uk 




Where can I get a new/replacement ID card?

Please go to the IT Helpdesk: Room: MB G16  (Ground Floor of Main Build East Wing)    
Opening Times: 9:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday                             
Contact Telephone: 0121 204 3445 Email: it_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk

Why am I unable to access my email account / library / computing facilities? How do I regain access?

All students are issued an ID (Smartcard) when they commence their programme of study and have a unique User-name and Password. 

Your access rights are removed if you are in debt / sanctioned or have not re-enrolled.

You should ensure that you re-enrol online each year on the Student Portal MAP. Only fully enrolled students will be allowed access to all the University Facilities including entry to some buildings on campus, some of which require swipe-card access.

If you have any outstanding debts with the University such as tuition fees / disciplinary or library fines, your access rights will be removed. It is therefore essential that you pay any fees when they are due. If your access rights have been removed due to an unpaid debt, please contact the Credit Control Section of the Finance Office: creditcontrol@aston.ac.uk. If you have outstanding library books or library fines please contact library@aston.ac.uk.

If you think there is a problem with your User-name or password, or you suspect it's a software/hardware problem you should contact the :
IT Helpdesk: Room: MB G16 (Ground Floor of Main Build East Wing)    
Opening Times: 9:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday                             
Contact Telephone: 0121 204 3445 Email: it_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk

Who should I contact if I am unable to log on to MAP?

Please make sure that you have valid internet access.
IT Helpdesk: Room: MB G16  (Ground Floor of Main Build East Wing)    
Opening Times: 9:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday                             
Contact Telephone: 0121 204 3445 Email: it_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk



If you have any feedback/comments or queries about this FAQ's page please do not hesitate to contact:  

Academic Services: 0121-2044687