How do I submit an appeal?

If you have made contact with your College to discuss your concerns and you have read the appeal procedure guidance carefully you can appeal by submitting the Academic Appeal Form. This should be sent to the  Academic Appeal Team via email. You should submit all relevant evidence (see FAQ’s for example of relevant evidence) and clearly demonstrate the relevance of the evidence and its impact on the appeal.

Retrospective or late exceptional circumstances will not normally be accepted. So it is very important that you explain to the university why you were unable to raise these matters earlier through the exceptional circumstances procedure. You must submit evidence to support why you did not bring these to the attention of  the University before you received your results e.g. a medical condition not diagnosed until after the examination board.

(Please see FAQ section for further guidance for reasons appeals may not be accepted).

Academic appeals which are not supported by satisfactory supporting evidence are likely to be rejected.

(Please see FAQ section for further guidance on evidence).

The Academic Appeals Procedure applies to students on taught programmes and those following programmes by research.