What happens when you submit an Academic Appeal?

A student wishing to appeal against the decision of a Board of Examiners may submit an academic appeal to the University if they are able to meet one or more of the grounds set out below:

a) that there has been an administrative error or some other material irregularity relevant to the assessments has occurred on behalf of the University.
b) that the assessment procedure and/or examinations were not conducted in accordance with the approved regulations.
c) that the student’s performance was adversely affected by illness or other specific factors which they were unable for valid reasons to submit to the Board of Examiners before it reached its decision.

If you appeal under grounds C you would need to evidence that there were very good reasons for failing to notify the Board of Examiners by the exceptional circumstances deadline. Students are required to bring exceptional circumstances to the prior attention of the Board of Examiners.

Further information about the University Exceptional Circumstances can be found here.

Formal Stage 1: Initial consideration of academic appeal application

Initial consideration of the application will be made by the Head of Academic Services to ensure that the students application meets the allowable grounds and that the appeal has be made by the 14 day deadline. You will be informed in writing if there are no appropriate grounds to progress the academic appeal to Formal Stage 2 with the reason(s) why. This concludes Formal Stage 1 of the Academic Appeal Procedure.

Formal Stage 2: Academic Appeal Resolution

If an appeal can be resolved by the Head of Academic Services in conjunction with the Chair of the Board of Examiners and any other appropriate persons, then appropriate action will be taken provided that it is in accordance with the current University regulations.

The Chair of the Board of Examiners may

  • take Chair’s action in line with the exam board procedures in changing the original decision of the Board
  • agree to put new evidence to the full Board, without the need to hold a meeting of the Academic Appeals Committee.

You will be informed in writing of the outcome by the Head of Academic Services. Responses will be sent to your University email address. If this email address is inactive your personal email address will be used.

This concludes the Formal Stages of the Academic Appeal Procedure.

Review Stage: Academic Appeal Outcome Review

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the Formal Stages, they may request an Academic Appeal Outcome Review. The grounds for a review request are

  • a review of the procedures followed at the formal stage if it is believed the procedures were not carried out in line with Regulations
  • a consideration of whether the outcome was reasonable in all the circumstances
  • new material evidence which the student was unable, for valid evidenced reasons, was unable to provide earlier in the process.

Your request must be submit within 14 calendar days of the Formal Stage outcome to the Academic Appeal Team. You must clearly demonstrate how your request meets one of more of the allowed grounds.

Senate Academic Appeals Committee

In appropriate cases (as defined in the Academic Appeal Procedure) a meeting of the Senate Academic Appeals Committee will be convened to hear your appeal.

You will have the right to appear before and be heard by the Committee, accompanied by a chosen member of the University or member of staff of the University, to present witnesses, and to submit a written statement outlining the grounds for appeal. 

The Committee has the power to make one of the following decisions on behalf of the Senate:

  1. that your performance has been affected by exceptional circumstances, of which the Board of Examiners was not aware, and that the Board be requested to review its decision accordingly.
  2. that on the basis of substantiated evidence of administrative error or other material irregularity the Board of Examiners be requested to review its decision accordingly.
  3. that on the basis of conclusive evidence of a significant irregularity in the conduct of, or arrangements for, an assessment, the decision of the Board of Examiners concerning one or more candidates be annulled and the assessment retaken.
  4. that your academic appeal be rejected.

You are encouraged to read the full Student Academic Appeal Procedure before you decide to submit an academic appeal.