If you are not satisfied with the way that the University had considered your appeal, you may apply to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for an independent review of your case.

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education ("OIA") operates an independent student complaints scheme pursuant to the Higher Education Act 2004. The OIA will normally review a case only if all internal University procedures have been exhausted. Complainants who are considering an application to the OIA are therefore advised to contact the Secretary to the Academic Appeals Committee, to confirm that this is the case and to obtain a 'completion of procedures letter', if this has not already been provided. If you require advice or assistance in submitting a complaint you should contact: the Students' Advice Centre in the Students' Guild by phone 0121 204 4848 or email.

Aston, like all English universities is required to comply with the Rules of the OIA's Scheme.

The service provided by the OIA is free to students.

For more Information on OIA's scheme, see this website. All complainants and enquirers to the OIA will be treated fairly and with respect, and in a positive spirit of support for good relations between all members of the Higher Education sector.