Academic Appeals Procedure - Students

What is an academic appeal?

An academic appeal is a procedure, which allows you to ask for a review of a decision relating to your academic progress or award.To be eligible to submit an appeal you must have eligible grounds as per the appeal procedure. Academic Appeals may consider allegations of procedural irregularity in the conduct or marking of assessments; but the decisions of the Board of Examiners in all matters relating to academic judgement shall be final. There is no right of appeal against the academic judgement of examiners.

There is no right of appeal against academic judgement.

Disagreement with the academic judgement of a Board of Examiners in assessing the merits of an individual piece of work or in reaching a decision on a student’s progress or on the final level of an award, based on the marks, grades and other information relating to the student’s performance, cannot in itself constitute grounds for an appeal.

The following are not grounds for appeal:

  1. You are unhappy with the mark or degree classification you were awarded.
  2. You thought you would, or should, have achieved a better mark or award.

As both of the above are challenges of academic judgement the University will not progress your appeal.

(Please see FAQ section for further guidance on academic judgement).

Getting feedback

Before you consider submitting an appeal it is a good idea to get feedback about your results and/or the decision of the Board of Examiners. This will help you understand how the mark was arrived at and may also give the school chance to address your concern informally so you don’t need to bring an appeal.

If you remain dissatisfied with the decision of the Examination Board you may be entitled to submit an appeal.

Before initiating the Academic Appeals procedure, students must verify that that they have both the right to appeal and grounds for appeal, in accordance with the terms of the procedure. 

When can I appeal?

You will not be eligible to submit an appeal until your results have been formally agreed and you have received your transcript/results on MAP.

Once your final agreed results are releases on MAP you must submit an appeal within 14 calendar days.