Raising a concern or making a complaint

We aim to ensure that all our students have a positive experience at Aston University and can fully benefit from their studies, as well as the other opportunities we offer. 

We recognise, however, that from time to time our students may have suggestions, comments, concerns or complaints about University facilities or services, including services they receive from staff members. 
The University welcomes the opportunity to engage in constructive feedback with our students so that we can continue to develop and improve our services. 

We encourage students to raise any suggestions or concerns in a timely manner so that we can promptly seek to resolve any issues.

Informal Resolution

We hope that most concerns or complaints can be dealt with informally. 

If you wish to make an informal complaint, you should first take steps to resolve the matter with an appropriate staff member (for example, your Module/Personal Tutor or with the immediate manager of the service). 

We encourage students and appropriate staff members to meet as early as possible to discuss the concern and explore how it can be resolved.  

Stage 1 – Formal Complaint

Where it has not been possible to resolve the issue informally, or if you consider the matter to be too serious to raise informally, please tell us about your complaint using the Formal Complaint form

Unless you have a good reason for needing a longer period, you should submit your Formal Complaint form within 20 working days of the informal outcome (where applicable) or within 20 working days of the problem giving rise to the complaint.

Stage 2 – Complaint Outcome Review

If you are dissatisfied with the Stage 1 outcome, you may submit a Complaint Outcome Review request form if one of more of the following

Allowed Grounds apply:

  • A procedural irregularity occurred during Stage 1 which had a material impact on the outcome. 
  • There is new material evidence which you were unable, for valid reasons, to provide earlier in the process which casts substantial doubt on the appropriateness of the Stage 1 outcome. 
  • The Stage 1 outcome could be considered unreasonable taking account of all the circumstances. 

Unless you have a good reason for needing a longer period, you should submit your Complaint Outcome Review request form within 10 working days of the Stage 1 outcome. 

Our Duty

The University has a duty to follow its Student Complaints Procedure and must ensure,

  • There is transparency when a student complaint is not upheld, and 
  • That, where appropriate, other students can benefit from the outcome when a complaint is upheld. 

This means that once you have submitted a Formal Complaint form or a Complaint Outcome Review request form, the University will complete the relevant stage of the procedure to produce an outcome, even where you do not cooperate (unless you formally withdraw your complaint / request).