Our values and culture are vital to the successful delivery of the Aston University Strategy 2018 to 2023. The University recognises its responsibility to be an exemplar of behaviour and conduct in all that it does, and it aspires to lead the HE sector in terms of its approach to ethical practice. The University's values, as identified in the Strategy, are to be professional and ambitious; to be innovative and collaborative; and to be ethical and inclusive.

The University’s reputation and the trust of its beneficiaries and stakeholders are among its most important assets – although these take a long time to attain they may be lost very quickly. Acting with integrity is not only the right thing to do, it protects the interests of our beneficiaries; improves our performance; and differentiates us in an increasingly competitive and complex global higher education market. All members of the Aston community have an important role to play in achieving these goals and creating a culture where ethical conduct is intrinsic to the University’s cultural foundations.

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Professor Aleks Subic
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Aston University policies: Content list




Handling Potential Conflicts of Interests

Interacting with Government

Prevention of Bribery



Prevention of Slavery

Responsible Fund Raising



Responsible Purchasing Practice

Fair and Appropriate Remuneration





Ensuring Fair Admissions Practices

Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Community


Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Safeguarding the Environment

Effective Risk Management



Academic Regulations

General Regulations for Programmes

  • Credit & Qualifications Framework
  • General Regulations for Undergraduate and Integrated Master’s Programmes
  • General Regulations for Foundation Degrees
  • General Regulations for Graduate Diplomas
  • General Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Programmes
  • General Regulations for the MBChB Programme
  • General Regulations for the Conduct of Boards of Examiners
  • Regulations on Fitness to Study
  • Regulations on Fitness to Practise

Associated Guidance

  • New and Revised General Regulations 2020/21
  • Guidance for Boards of Examiners - Summer 2020
  • Guidance for Staff on Trailing Credit into stage P
  • Virtuous Credit Guidance Notes
  • University Approach to Award Calculation Algorithms

Examinations and Assessment

  • Assessment Regulations
  • Invigilation Procedures for Examinations
  • Policy on Giving Effective Feedback on Assessed Work
  • Examination Regulations for Candidates

Associated Guidance

  • Summary Note on Assessment for 2020/21
  • Student Guide to Exceptional Circumstances
  • Guidance to Schools on the Abandonment of Assessments and Lost Examination & Assessment Papers
  • Guidance for Boards of Examiners on Dissertation Stage Progression Regulations

Student Discipline

  • Regulations on Student Discipline
  • Tariff of Penalties
  • Disciplinary Board Procedures
  • Aston Student Code of Conduct

Associated Guidance

  • Plagiarism: Notes of Guidance for Markers

Other Guidance


The policies and procedures held under the remit of the University Research Committee can be separated into four main areas:

  • Research Integrity and Ethics
  • Graduate School Policies and Procedures
  • Funding of Research
  • Research Publications, Open Access and Open Data.

Each area also has a number of associated guidance documents appropriate to the relevant stakeholders. All areas of Aston Research Policies and Procedures are informed by ‘Our Principles’.

Research Integrity and Ethics

  1. Research Integrity Policy
  2. Research Integrity and Assurance Procedures
  3. Human Tissue Act Compliance Policy
  4. ARRIVE Guidelines
  5. Nagoya Protocol Guidelines

Graduate School Policies and Procedures

The current versions of the below Research Degree regulations and codes of practice are collated and are password protected

General Regulations

Codes of Practice

Quality Assurance

Aston Graduate School Quality Assurance Policies

  1. Programme Approval Policy
  2. Annual Programme Evaluation Policy

Research Publications, Open Access and Open Data

Funding Of Research

  1. Peer Review Policies and Processes
  2. Matched Funding Policy
  3. Competitive Research/Research Related Funding Policy
  4. Collaborative Contracts With Third Parties Policy
  5. Research Related Donations Policy