Our mission is to:

  • Provide high-quality teaching and student support
  • Produce collaborative research with high translation and impact
  • Promote skill building and industry development
  • Foster community engagement and development
Aston is professional and ambitious

We believe this is a prerequisite to realise our mission, and will be recognised by businesses and external organisations as shared values which make Aston an attractive partner for research and education.

Aston is innovative and collaborative

We work across disciplines, institutions and partners to be proactive in creating and implementing new ideas, to be a leader in modern educational techniques and to undertake research which inspires staff, students and external partners.

Aston is ethical and inclusive

We recognise our responsibility to be an exemplar of behaviour and conduct in all that we do. We will leverage the diversity of our staff and student body to achieve outcomes for our beneficiaries and provide opportunities for education and professional development to all.

How we spend tuition fee income

Transparency is vitally important to us, and we're proud to benefit our students, staff and wider community.

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