Our LGBTQ+ Charter outlines our commitment to, and progress towards, LGBTQ+ inclusion.

LGBTQ+ Charter

Aston recognises positive contributions in respect of LGBTQ+ network/group activity as evidence of good citizenship.Aston recognises positive contributions in respect of LGBTQ+ network group activity as evidence of good citizenship.Citizenship
Aston will visually signal its commitment to the LGBTQ+ communityAston has produced rainbow lanyards to signal its support of the gay community.Events and Awareness
Aston will develop and communicate policies relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.Aston will develop and communicate a transitioning policy.
Aston provides an option for recognising non-binary identities on workplace systems.
Monitoring, compliance, policy
Aston ensures that mechanisms are in place for staff to report LGBTQ+ related issues.

The University will also ensure that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity or trans identity is not tolerated and that relevant policies are in place to ensure compliance.

The harassment and bullying policy has been updated to specifically reference examples of harassment relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Family friendly policies, such as dependant care, compassionate leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and shared parental leave have been reviewed and modified to ensure that language is gender neutral and that same sex couples are not inadvertently marginalised.

The University commits to regularly review these policies to ensure they remain fit for purpose and in line with good practice.

Monitoring, compliance, policy
Aston has LGBTQ+ Networks open to all staff and will provide information about LGBTQ+ Events.

Aston has an LGBTQ+ network group for LGBTQ+ colleagues and commits to promote this as being open to all employees

Aston will consider agreeing defined yearly objectives, as appropriate and in the best interests of the group's members

Aston provides information about LGBTQ+ events.

Networks and support
Aston has an LGBTQ+ working group committed to looking at continuous organisational development and improvement for LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Aston’s LGBTQ+ working group were responsible for setting up the Aston LGBTQ+ Charter

The working group commits to meet regularly throughout the year to review actions against the charter and to discuss matters arising where further improvements can be made.

The LGBTQ+ working group, will also work on continuously improving internal policies and practices which impact upon employee welfare.

Networks and support
Aston provides new starters with information on Inclusive Aston, including information on the LGBTQ+ employee networks.

Information about the staff networks including the LGBTQ+ network is included in the Management Essentials Handbook

The New Starters webpage will include information to new starters on groups and networks, including the LGBTQ+ network and working group

Recruitment and Induction
Aston enhances contributions to the university by employing a diverse workforce, recognising the benefit of engaging staff who identify as LGBTQ+, and considering potential barriers to recruitment.

Aston commits to review its recruitment practices periodically and to ensure that any known barriers to attracting staff from the LGBTQ+ community are removed.

Aston will include a policy statement on the recruitment landing page about valuing diversity, and a link to Inclusive Aston which explicitly references its support of LGBTQ+ people.

Aston will review its recruitment and selection practices, to ensure that the process is fair, transparent and without bias. This includes considering blind shortlisting (i.e. removing personal/equality related information) when shortlisting, where appropriate to do so.

Aston will ensure that potential applicants have relevant information about the LGBTQ+ employee network group or LGBTQ+ inclusion activities, to encourage LGBTQ+ applicants to apply.

Recruitment and Induction
Aston supports LGBTQ+ employees and allies to become visible role models at all levels of the organisation.

Aston will promote the importance of allies

Aston commits to actively speak out against discrimination towards LGBTQ+ people

Aston will seek to share personal stories from LGBTQ+ people, as appropriate.

Role Models and Allies
Aston provides career development opportunities to all employees and ensures these are communicated without disadvantaging specific groups, including those who identify as LGBTQ+.Aston encourages all managers to support career development and to have opportunities with all staff, regardless of personal characteristics, via its My Development Conversation process.Staff Training and Development
Aston will endeavour to educate or inform the wider organisation and community about sexual orientation, gender identity and trans issues.

Aston will support LGBTQ+ people by ensuring awareness and EDI training is available, including challenging inappropriate behaviour, negative language and assumptions, unconscious bias, and discrimination and the steps to eliminate bias.

Aston will support board level and senior management to understand issues that affect LGBTQ+ people. Aston senior leaders send an explicit message on their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.