Sustainability at Aston University is guided by our Sustainability Strategy.

Through it, we commit to integrating sustainability into all aspects of the three corners of our academic triangle, as stated in our main sustainability vision:

“The University will strive to embed sustainability and social responsibility into all its practices to aid its three main beneficiaries. All of our students and staff will get the opportunity to integrate sustainable values into their daily activities now and in the future to improve theirs and the University’s local and global impact”.

Our Sustainability Strategy is designed to advance this vision, by promoting Sustainable Development in our campus, as described by the United Nations.

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”-Brundtland Report (United Nations, 1983)

The task of overseeing progress of our Sustainability Strategy, and SDGs embedding in operations, is lies with our Sustainability Strategy Steering Group (SSSG). Chaired by our Chief Operating Officer, the Sustainability Strategy Steering Group is responsible for acquiring support from the University Senior Leadership Group for Sustainability Initiatives and direct actions for supporting members. To facilitate the delivery of the SDGs in our operations, the Sustainability Strategy divides actions into 3 objectives, each responsible for a subsection of SDGs, and with a Work Group associated to them.

Objective 1: Sustainable Campus

Outline: To conserve the planets resources, reducing the impact of the University campus operational activities.

Ownership of the Objective: Estates and Capital Development

Objective 2: Sustainable Communities

Outline: To engage with the wider community to embed sustainability. The University will look to develop partnerships with regional, national and international stakeholders in order to be a positive partner in society.

Ownership: Business Engagement, International Office, Human Resources, Finance and the Students’ Union.

Objective 3: Sustainable Development in Academic

Activities Outline: Aston will look to integrate sustainable values and social responsibility into both formal and informal curriculum for all students and staff. It will also support and promote research related to sustainability.

Ownership: e Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), RKE, Education Team and Careers and Placements. To facilitate the implementation of our Sustainability Strategy, we have dedicated members of staff as part of the Environment and Sustainability Team.

The team is part of the Estates and Capital Development Department and has the responsibility of advancing sustainable development inside Aston University.

These members of staff work both internally in the development of delivery plans, environmental procedures, data tracking and other background work, and with community engagement activities with staff and students.

Policy documentation

Below is a list of our policy documentation as well as the action plans and objectives and targets that support these policies.