Aston takes the welfare of its suppliers' staff and internal staff seriously as well as looking to invest our funds as ethically as possible.

Workers' rights are a core issue in our ethical procurement, and we have set out to reward best practice across a range of approaches.

The university has taken the decision not to invest directly in fossil fuel companies with immediate effect. It follows a review of the university's Ethical Investment Policy, concerns of staff and students and a decision to support the Student Union campaign to divest from fossil fuels. The policy goes to include other aspects that are not to be invested as shown below:

To ensure investments, meet appropriate ethical values, the University will not invest directly in:

  • The core activities of fossil fuel companies
  • Activities that lead to environmental degradation
  • Production of landmines, cluster bombs, nuclear and conventional weapons (arms companies)
  • Tobacco manufacture, alcohol, pornography, gambling
  • Support of oppressive regimes, or those covered by international sanctions.
  • Anti-social sales and marketing practices relating to alcohol and tobacco; nor
  • Funds associated with violations of international conventions and norms in the areas of human rights, employment practices and climate change.

View the full Ethical Investment Policy below: