Learning and Teaching Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop, enable and evaluate the implementation of the University strategy for Learning and Teaching, ensuring that the College Learning and Teaching Strategies are consistent with this strategy, and that all Learning and Teaching strategies support the University's over-arching strategy.

This committee also has responsibility for enabling and evaluating the work of Colleges and central departments in identifying, promoting and disseminating effective practice and innovation in programme design and delivery, and in teaching, feedback and assessment methodologies, and making recommendations and the enhancement of the quality and standards of taught programmes and of the student learning experience.


Chair and Secretary

ChairProfessor Ruth Ayresr.ayres@aston.ac.uk
SecretaryYvonne Hendersony.henderson@aston.ac.uk
College of Business and Social SciencesDr Raquel Fernandez-Sanchezr.fernandez-sanchez@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Keith Schofieldk.schofield@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Lloyd Parsonsl.parsons1@aston.ac.uk
College of Engineering and Physical SciencesDr Gill Knightg.knight@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Randa Herzallahr.herzallah@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Patrick Geogheganp.geoghegan@aston.ac.uk
College of Health and Life SciencesDr Duane Mellord.melloe@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Alan Goddarda.goddard@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Ann Vernallisa.b.vernallis@aston.ac.uk
 Dr Rob Nashr.nash1@aston.ac.uk
Collaborative Provision Steering GroupProfessor Helen HigsonHelen.higson@aston.ac.uk
 Belinda Crossb.cross@aston.ac.uk
Programme Approval Steering CommitteeDr Alan Goddarda.goddard@aston.ac.uk
 Yvonne Hendersony.henderson@aston.ac.uk
 Belinda Crossb.cross@aston.ac.uk
Regulatory Sub-CommitteeProfessor Chris Langleyc.a.langley@aston.ac.uk
 Adam Hewitta.hewitt@aston.ac.uk
Director of Academic QualityYvonne Hendersony.henderson@aston.ac.uk
Director of Student and Academic ServicesAlison Leveya.levey@aston.ac.uk
Careers and Employability LeadAlison Leveya.levey@aston.ac.uk
Director of Library ServicesHelen Curtissh.curtiss2@aston.ac.uk
HR RepresentativeClaire Freemanc.e.freeman@aston.ac.uk
Head of CELCAAnia Baileya.bailey@aston.ac.uk
Head of Learning Development CentreEllen Popee.l.pope@aston.ac.uk
Education Team RepresentativeChris Wilsonc.j.wilson@aston.ac.uk
Technology Enhanced Learning RepresentativeChris Wilsonc.j.wilson@aston.ac.uk
Digital Services RepresentativeNick Mearan.i.meara@aston.ac.uk
Estates RepresentativeClaire Evansc.l.evans@aston.ac.uk
VP EducationYesmeen SinghUnion.vpe@aston.ac.uk