The following five strategic objectives provide a guiding framework for our 2030 strategy in line with our priorities and ambitions. They represent our bold statements of intent which convey our focus, what we must do and what we will achieve as we work towards realising our Vision and Purpose.

Objective 1: Elevate ambition

We will extend the reach, scale and reputation of Aston University.

We will do this by:

  • Increasing our capacity – for sustained excellence and impact in Science, Technology and Enterprise.

  • Diversifying our academic portfolio – growing our student communities on campus, at Aston London and Offshore Hubs, and via Aston Online.
  • Diversifying and scaling-up our commercial activities – including joint ventures with strategic partners, Conference Aston, research, knowledge exchange and commercialisation, philanthropic initiatives, and training for industry and businesses through modularised and digitally-enabled learning.
  • Improving our standing in international and national rankings – strengthening our reputation among businesses and the community based on how we engage and the impacts we create through education and research

Objective 2: Create value

We will differentiate ourselves by providing our people and beneficiaries a unique value proposition.

We will do this:

  • For our students by articulating Our Promise to Students, based on unique experiential learning experiences with guaranteed professional practice for all students in all courses, attainment of intercultural, digital, entrepreneurial and environmental literacies through Aston Power Skills, a novel student-centred learning approach via the Block Learning Mode, and sector leading care and support via the Aston Health Services Hub and Student Support Hub.
  • For our people by nurturing an inclusive, collaborative and collegial community that provides all staff with the best lived experience, and an empowering environment where the potential and ambition of each individual is recognised and supported.
  • For our partners by facilitating a collaborative co-creation approach focused on value realisation, embedding industry teams and professionals within the university environment, and establishing a Business Hub and Alumni Club as the ‘front door’ to engaging with the whole of the university.

Objective 3: Leverage our place

We will embrace our city and enrich its cultural, physical and socio-economic environment. We will do this by:

  • Evolving as an urban university – integrated within Birmingham city centre and driving city regeneration, prosperity and better health outcomes.

  • Shaping the campus as a catalyst – for the development of the Birmingham Innovation Quarter (B-IQ) through strategic partnerships and joint ventures with the city and private sector using the triple-helix model of innovation

  • Extending the Aston Triangle – both physically and virtually via the ‘hub and spoke’ model that involves interconnected Hubs across the city centre, regionally and internationally, all contributing to and augmenting Aston University core activities, engagement and impact.


Objective 4: Build digital enterprise

We will create an aglie learning organisation through digital transformation.

​​​​We will do this by:

  • Adopting a Digital First approach – across the organisation to improve flexibility, responsiveness and productivity, and enhance staff and student experience.
  • Developing and implementing a data enabled enterprise model – across the organisation to provide intelligent data analytics and insights in a timely manner for planning, decision making and continuous improvement.
  • Enabling Ubiquitous Learning – that leverages effectively current and emerging digital technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), digital twins and the metaverse, for education, training and research.

Objective 5: Transform businesses and communities

We will drive socio-economic impact through transformative innovation and inclusive growth.

​​​​​We will be:

  • Inclusive by playing a key role in the development of a vibrant innovation ecosystem to drive sustainability and inclusive growth across our diverse communities, building on our active Civic Engagement and commitment to the Race Equality Charter and University of Sanctuary platform.
  • Entrepreneurial by nurturing and facilitating innovation in all quarters of the university and establishing an Enterprise Hub to create new businesses, develop entrepreneurs, and commercialise research through Aston University Ventures and Midlands Mindforge.
  • Transformational by creating high value-add jobs and helping scale-up businesses, drive city regeneration, and lead in employability and social mobility, and by driving digital transformation and digital inclusion across businesses and communities through the creation of the Birmingham Innovation Quarter (B-IQ), incorporating the Digital Futures Institute, Digital Skills Academy, and Digital Health Hub with Health Tech Accelerator.