"The B-IQ is a strategic partnership between Aston University, Bruntwood SciTech and Birmingham City Council, which aims to realise a bold vision within a new digital era, by creating a leading innovation cluster of international significance centred on science, technology and enterprise. It represents an innovation ecosystem that will co-locate industry, business, entrepreneurs and start-up founders together with staff and students from academia, bringing digital cutting-edge research into a range of sectors – most critically the health tech sector. It will become the catalyst for foreign investment, for business transformation, and for skills, and in turn will create socio-economic impact across the region."

Globally significant

Centre of Excellence

  • 30,000 sq ft of education and health space.

  • 75 student / graduate start-ups.

  • 250 pre-start-up projects supported each year.

  • 1,500 additional students undertaking innovation-linked courses. 


Each £1m investment in R&D at the B-IQ could generate up to:

  • £5m additional private investment

  • £10m additional public R&D grant funding

  • £13m additional capital investment

What we will do 

Deliver Jobs, skills, inclusive growth

  • £1.3bn+ annual GVA

  • Up to 650 construction jobs

  • 25,000 future Aston University student will undertake new modules in digital and entreprenurial skills

  • 10,000 high value jobs in key sectors created

On the doorstep of HS2, the B-IQ will accelerate and boost the benefits it will deliver

  • £3bn additional private sector investment

  • £1.6bn net additional GVA

  • 43,600 gross additional FTE jobs

Placeshaping and transformation of the physical environment

  • 1.35m sq ft commercial and innovation space. 

  • 2,200 homes - including 15% affordable.

  • 400 hotel rooms with conference facilities. 

  • 15ha public realm and open space + car - free streets

  • 500,000 sq ft cultural and community space