We are deeply embedded within our city and region, and we serve the people who live, work and study here – with over 100 years of equity invested in the financial, economic and social progress of Birmingham and its citizens.


We currently generate over £1bn to the national economy and within the 2030 strategy we aim to increase our contribution to over £2bn annually. Our graduates and placement students bring valuable skills to our businesses, and we are opening exclusive professions to students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our student body is diverse and is representative of our city and region. A third of our students come from Birmingham and we are actively driving social mobility by providing students with the skills that employers value. We understand local businesses and their needs and are expert at helping them to grow. We work collaboratively with firms and entrepreneurs across the region, and through this drive productivity and growth in the economy. We are proud of our contribution to local communities, but we want to do more.

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Drawing of Birmingham Innovation Quarter


To drive impact we must be forward thinking and future-oriented, equipping our students to make a positive contribution to society and the economy, and enhancing our institutional contribution to inclusive growth. We will equip our students with the skills necessary for success in an evolving world and labour market, while at the same time be committed to promoting accessibility to higher education and ensuring that students from disadvantaged backgrounds have equal opportunities to thrive.

In expanding our impact and influence, we must remain strong in our commitment to maintaining our university’s distinct identity and preserving our unique value-add proposition. Our academic expertise in emerging sectors will ensure we can make a direct contribution to local growth, but we must also stay true to our value as a civic institution which proactively drives social mobility, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential. We will continue to be strongly embedded within places and local communities by cultivating strong relationships with local businesses and communities, contributing to their growth and development, and attracting the inward investment which will provide new opportunities for our graduates and researchers. We are dedicated to being an integral part of our region’s economic and physical transformation, collaborating with local stakeholders to drive positive change.

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Our challenge-led research is a key vehicle for creating transformative impact, both for our partners in business and the professions, and in our communities. Our research will have three core interdisciplinary themes: Health, Digital and Technology. We see excellence in research as a prerequisite for high impact, and our distinctive interdisciplinary University Research Institutes will be the primary drivers of this.

We will create impact by building on our proven track record in Knowledge Exchange, through applied research with industry and business, high-quality Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, and successful commercialisation of our intellectural property. In line with our values, we will collaborate to create scale and impact, including with our business partners through Aston University Ventures and Aston Business Hub, with our university partners through Midlands Innovation and Midlands Mindforge, and through international partnerships including our offshore hubs. A particular focus for us will be our role and partnerships in the B-IQ with its focus on science and technology innovation: this will underpin how we use our research to leverage our place for the benefit of the city and the region. In addition to the economic impact measured within the 2030 strategy, our research impact will also be validated externally through the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).