How much does it cost?

It's good to have a rough idea about costs before you apply to university, but in the majority of cases your student loan and maintenance grant will help support your studies.

Tuition fees for your course

Fees vary depending on the course and where you are from. If you are starting at Aston in 2015 they will be:

UK and EU students: £9000

Placement year: £1,000 (UK/EU students)

Aston Scholarships for UK/EU students 

International students

Aston Business School £13,800
Languages and Social Sciences - £13,500
EAS programmes - £14,500 - 16,500
LHS programmes - £13,500 - £16,500

Placement Year: £2,500 for International Students

For a more detailed breakdown of international fees by course go here. 

Fees for individual courses are listed on the relevant course page. For more information on tuition fees contact thehub@aston.ac.uk



International student funding

International student funding

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