Tuition fees

Like other universities, Aston charges a tuition fee for its degrees. The University invests fee income in high quality student facilities, teaching excellence and the overall student experience at Aston University.

Our excellent graduate employment record and strong academic reputation show a degree from Aston is an investment in your future.

Scholarships, grants and loans
We estimate that around 65% of our students will be eligible for one or more of our Aston University Scholarships, designed to reduce the cost of study and to reward students taking a placement year.

Government and other grants are also available. Student loans are available to help you with paying fees and living expenses.  

2012 and 2013 fees
Aston University has set a tuition fee of £9,000 a year for all UK and EU undergraduate students starting a degree courses in the 2012/13 and 2013/14 academic years. 

Reduced fee in placement year

We want to encourage as many students as possible to take a placement year or year abroad, so have set the tuition fee for this year at just £1,000 (for students starting 2012/13 onwards). Thanks to our range of scholarships, we estimate that the majority of Aston students will not pay a fee for their placement year.

Tuition fees do not have to be paid up front
UK & EU students can apply for a student loan to cover tuition fees. The loan is repayable after you graduate. The amount you repay will depend on how much you earn, and you won’t have to repay anything until you are earning above £21,000.

Fee status
Fees vary for UK/EU and International students. If you are not sure whether you will be classed as a UK, EU or International student, visit our fee status self-assessment page.

Aston University Scholarships

We estimate that 65% of our students will be eligible for one or more Aston Scholarships

Money Saving Expert's guide to student finance

Money Saving Expert's guide to student finance

Get key information on Government loans and grants and calculate your loan repayments.

Fees for international students

You'll find detailed information on fees for international applicants on our International site. 

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